Can I use my samsung LCD monitor to be used as a TV Connecting DTH?

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Can i use my samsung LCD monitor to be used as a TV connecting DTH?

I am always opting to use my LCD computer monitor to be used as watching tv connecting DTH set up box,what are the requirements of this task? will the clearity or resolution be affected by this ?please clearify my doubt?


new LCD display can use for both computers and TVs , if LCD Display hast provided TV facility then you...

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Watch cable tv and use LCD tv as a computer monitor also?

I currently have a LG Flatron L1720P 17 inch flat (lg flat screen computer monitor) that i am using for my computer. i reasontly moved my tv out of my room and would like to put it back in there, but unforunatly i dont have a spot to put it. I have a...


Yes. I did this with my Samsung 47" 1080p LCD HDTV Series 7. You just plug your computer in via...

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Recommendations for LCD HDTV?

Hi, I'm planning to buy a LCD TV (not LED) with the below requirements. My knowledge in TV market is very limited. It'd be of great help if you share your knowledge and personal experiences with various LCD TV brands / models. Sorry about the lengthy...


I have a Samsung, love it.

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Computer Monitor / TV

I'm looking to purchase a new LCD monitor primarily for use as a computer monitor. There must be built in speakers to conserve desk space. I also would like to be able to use it as a TV connected to my cable service. I presently have a 15" Samsung...


Hello Trayduh, I've decided to post now the list I created of several products you can choose from....

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Select a TV for our conference room

Help me select a TV (to be used as a computer monitor) for our conference room. We've got a small conference room at the office. I'm considering buying a used LCD (or plasma?) TV to use as a computer monitor for meetings. I need a little guidance in...


Input: Many TVs will have a VGA input, some will have DVI, but at this point most should at least have...

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Two samsung lcd tv's, one remote.?

I have two samsung lcd tv/monitors. They are both syncmaster t220hd's. I use one as a desktop monitor and one for xbox gaming and tv use. Thing is there is a control conflict. Both are affected by control use. One control can easily sense both lcds....


Sorry, no such luck.... You have to develop a BLINDER system between the TV sets. Hang a curtain between...

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Question for digital TV techs: I would like to inject a source as an input channel between set top box/aerial?

Here is the scenario. My location: Australia I am running an LG 5100P HD set top box to receive free-to-air digital channels. The set top box is connected directly to a Samsung LCD 22" monitor via the set top box's DVI output. Audio is supplied...


The best solution I can see is to get a AV receiver. This will allow you to add other inputs and use...

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I just bought this tv, but im not sure if its a tv or pc monitor?

Just bought a tv? of ebay SAMSUNG 20" LCD HD DIGITAL TV PC BLACK ROSE T200HD C12 is this a tv? can it be used as a tv? does it have freeview? can i use it with my playstation 3?

Answer:… has the specs. It is a TV. (I'll bet it has the cable...

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When connecting my tv to my computer, i get the picture but not the sound! someone stop me from going mad!!

i wish to be able to use my computer as an entertainment ssystem but watch it thru my tv (SAMSUNG LCD"with a pc port socket" which uses the standard monotor socket!, but when i try watching the video/movie files i can not hear any sound, is...


To answere your question, NO it is not possible to use a DVI to pass sound. You are only hooking up...

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Videogame question please help!

i want to know which one of these laptops will play videogames better number 1 or number 2? number 1.The Basics Processor: Experience improved energy efficiency, expanded wireless connectivity, and amazing battery life with the 45nm Penryn series Intel...


wow man you trying to write a book lol number 2 man wow it took me nearly 10 minute's to read sure am...

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