Can some one tell me what the starting hourly rate is for a Postal Custodian? I live in the Tampa area?

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Can some one tell me what the starting hourly rate is for a Postal Custodian? I live in the Tampa area.?

If someone knows specifically for this area that would be even better!


My Aunt works for the Post Office in N.C. and she started out making about $14. per hour. It could have...

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Innovation Diffusion: What do you think about this article?

In the minds of many confused people, a single-celled human zygote,  which has no nerves and cannot suffer, is infinitely sacred, simply  because it is 'human'. Changing what it means to remember changes what it means to be. New studies show that these...


I think it's very long and I don't want to read it all.  If a summary were presented, I might say what...

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Please suggest ways to improve my situation in life.

The short version of my question: I am underpaid and need to make what I'm worth but I am also incredibly insecure and the thought of applying for another job sends me into panic and depression. Even when asked by, for example, the VP of the online division...


Here are some of my reactions to your post: * You indicate you have to choose between bills and eating...

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Elvis alive?

The only time I feel alive... is when I'm in front of my audience, my people. That's the only time I really feel like I'm human." "Long after I'm gone, what I did today will be heard by someone. I just want them to get the best of what I had...


Elvis is dead. Autopsy performed. Death certificate issued. A conspiracy of the magnitude described...

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1994 jeep grand cherokee

QUESTION: Hello, I have owned this jeep for about a year. It is a 4-door, 4x4,automatic w/about 180K miles now. Before I bought the car, I paid for a complete inspection and it passed very well. Last winter, I began to have some issues w/it shifting...


Hi Chris, That would appear to be a 22 code which says that the coolant temp sensor is not reading in...

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Please could any one tell me which area's are near to Manchester airport and OK to live in?

I have heard about lenshulme and heaton moor. i would like to know more about these area's and other area's too, also the post code they have so i can look into it further. Thank you.


Stockport! It's not as bad as its made out to be and some areas like Heald Green (Post code SK?) are...

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How is this book i am writing? Plz tell me!?

im writing this book is it good? Chapter 1- I acted like I didn’t know the strange and unusual man, but I did. I had known him from my dreams, my nightmares, but not real life. I had been searching for him for 3 decades, and now I have found him...


I read a good portion of this, but not all. It seems to me that you are writing about some things you...

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Please read my sci-fi short story and tell me what you think?

“Captain, Move!” Yelled Private Rob Henderson of the 82nd Air Born division, as a projectile missile sailed through the air just missing Captain Davis’s head. “This is getting ugly. What happened to the rest of our crew?&rdquo...


wow that was relly good and your brave for putting it online, some @ssholes are gonna make fun of it...

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My first time in Denver, CO. Can someone please tell me what are the nicest area to live for the decent price

I am moving from high priced California in search of a better quality in life. I just recently married and want to relocated to start a new family. We have decided on Denver, CO. It seems like a great place to live with no major natural distaster to...


We moved north of Denver and are very happy. We are in Lafayette which is in Boulder County. We do get...

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I am moving to the Wentzville, Missouri area...Should I live there or in one of the other small towns nearby?

I will be moving there in mid June and have only been through the area once or twice...What can you tell me about what it's like to live there and visit...Should I live in Wentzville or one of the other smaller towns in the area? What would be the best...


Wentzville is okay. It's really growing. So is St.Charles. There's a lot to do on hwy. k. And O'fallon...

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