Can you be a video game designer if you have a degree in computer science?

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Will a degree in computer science get me a job as a video game designer/developer/engineer?

Really want to work with video games off of college, Computer Science is the closest degree to anything video game related here at my college so I wanted to know if getting a degree more


It will but aside from the actual degree, you need to show off your skills. But yes, where you have...

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Computer Science, Software Engineer and Computer Engineering for Game Development.

I'm an apprentice programmer and game designer, I want to know for sure which best suits my needs. I wanna design(and program) applications and work with General Software. Such as, Websites, Video Games, Mobile Applications, General Software, Operating...


No matter which ever degree you pursue, you won't learn anything like game development and stuffs in...

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Can you work with video games with a Computer Information Systems degree?

Usually people who work with video games have either a degree in graphic or game design for video games to be a designer, or a computer science degree to be a programmer. Can you do more


I don think u can't

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Does anybody know any good job website where I can get a good video game design job in nyc, urgently?

Hello, I have a bachelors degree in computer science, and I am a boss at computers I am moving to nyc, from Oklahoma, I urgently need a video game designer job in nyc or I will more


Just to let you know this has been outsourced to China and India for many years now. Hard to find a...

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Can a computer science degree get me into video game industry?

video game industry need computer experts so I am wondering does anyone with a computer science degree can pay the bill of being a programmer for the games they make. Also is the more


It sounds like you really want to be a game designer, at this point since you are just about to graduate...

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Is it true that I should major in computer science if I want to become a video game designer?

I am a high school junior, and I want to know as soon as possible so that I don't screw everything up later on. I really want to work with video games when I grow older, so please help. If you already know , can you please also tell me what the best...


Yes. Because every third teen age male wants to become a computer game designer. Your chances of getting...

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If you want to embark on a career in the video game industry as a developer, then a CS degree would...

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Can I get hired as graphic designer with a Computer Science degree?

The reason why I'm going for a CS degree is because I'm worried about job prospects as a graphic designer, its a very competitive field, and the CS degree would be my backup if I couldn't get a job in graphic design. Anyway, can you get hired as a graphic...


I suppose it depends on your course, you will certainly have knowledge of representing graphics on screen...

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Can someone give me the essential computer science degree material as video lectures? Just the essentials to finish it as quickly as possible and to be a great software engineer/architect.

Include links to video lectures of courses and indicate the prerequisite for each course. Skip any physical/social science, unnecessary math, and anything unrelated to computer science. The goal of this list should be to serve as a roadmap to allow anyone...


You can't learn computer science just from video lectures. You'd also have to actually do the programming...

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If i want to be a video game programmer should i study Computer Science?

i was wondering what i needed to study study if i wanted to be a video game programmer, should i study Computer Science? if not what should it be? thanks


some universities place game design with Software Engineering. You should probably look at a BS in SWE...

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