How can I use real time social data from Datasift and perform real time analytics on it?

Let’s learn how can I use real time social data from Datasift and perform real time analytics on it. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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How can I use real time social data from DataSift and perform real time analytics on it?

I want to use the real time social data from Datasift to perform real time analytics for a marketing application. Could you suggest the architecture that I could use to do this? I am thinking of using Apache Storm for real time analytics interfacing with the Datasift stream but I am not sure exactly how to go about it.


The first question is, what analytics do you want to do? Counting the tweets as they come in, and posting...

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What open source technologies would you use/recommend to build a real-time analytics engine?

You can assume I run an e-commerce portal and I have collected good amount of customer data. Now, I would like to run real-time analytics over this customer data to better understand user behavior and buying patterns,


Complex Event Processing Engines, to name one(WSO2 Complex Event Processor). See Realtime Bigdata Use...

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C++ hashing table in data structure

QUESTION: Hello..Zlatko,, I have some question to ask you regarding my project question. This is the question : Write a program to perform hash table using two different hashing functions and two different resolution methods to solve the collision...


Hello Wale. I wrote a sample hash program in the hope that it will be useful to you. The hash table...

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How do I hire a Predictive Analytics expert?

I'd like to hire a full time person who can use data mining and predictive analytics to steer our fundraising strategy. Only problem is I'm clueless. I'm in non-profit fundraising, specifically I manage an annual fund. For those not familiar with the...


I do this type of work on a similar salary at a relatively inexperienced level (i.e. no stats background...

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What kind of technology stack would be best suited for a business/web analytics product?

I am currently developing a customisable framework for mining and analyzing large amounts of data from various sources (including both real time and stored data) to gather insights from the data. I have most of the framework finalized but I am confused...


It is not clear to me how exactly you have "finalized" the framework without already having...

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What is the best approach for the successful kick-off and continuous implementation of a data warehouse?

Being a high-growth SaaS company we are facing major challenges in the field of data integration and data quality at the moment. As complexity rises, productivity databases do not provide a sufficient basis for further analysis with data discovery or...


Excellent and detailed answer, Patrick. I would add: 1.  Price will likely be the biggest driver of...

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Does anyone need the kind of information work I do full time?

I automate a lot of tasks for my Web publishing company, but I'm not a developer. What kind of information worker am I, and does anyone need what I do specifically? I've been working as an editor for the same people for about ten years now. When I started...


You are a programmer, but your lack of systemic experience or education in it means it'll be impossible...

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How do you use a lingpipe for one time training and multiple testing?

Hi, As a part of my academic research project, I am trying to build an application wherein I will have a set of urls retrieved from the web. The task is classify each of these urls into some category. For Instance, the following URL is regarding crickethttp...


The Classifier you get when you train a model is serializable - all classifiers implement Compilable...

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Do I need an agreement with a website's visitors, if I use Google Analytics API to produce reports for the website owners?

My company provides a traffic analysis service to various website owners that are already using Google Analytics to track their visitors. If the website owner grants me read-only report access to their GA account, do I need agreement from their visitors...


According to the Google Analytics Terms of Service, any website using Google Analytics has to abide...

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I want a Name for my analytics application............pls?

Please find a compelling name for a new tablet application that is going to consumerize business intelligence. It’s a full- on, tablet-based Big Data business intelligence system that is ready to dig deep and deliver answers – anywhere, any time. Its...



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