How do I display all categories on a page with a corresponding image?

Let’s learn how do I display all categories on a page with a corresponding image. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Magento.

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How to display manafacture image with product in categories page?

I am working with magento 1.7. I added a manafucture image in my product and i wish to display it in the categories page with the list.


If you've created an Image attribute in the backend for this specific image, let's say manufacturer...

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What are the ways to insert an image path into the MySQL database and save it in the folder and display the same image in a web page via PHP?

I want to insert image into mysql database from html form and then want that image to be stored in the folder in server. Then i want to display that image which is stored in that folder in a webpage.


to get the image file through html form you should have the following input field in your html form...

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How to set first post image to display in home page featured image? i do not know what it is called featured ,thumbnail or screen image... check this site.. its showing everywhere no image do i set first post image to those image gaps. suggest me some easy work to correct this..i am...


An image is an img tag, and has to be a graphic file. You're using a raw URL to an html file. <img...

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I am trying to get display image (KMM163191057V76612L0KM) from my yahoo messenger home page... HELP!!!!!!!!!!?

i am trying to ge display image (KMM163191057V76612L0KM) from my yahoo messenger home page because it blocks my plugins...i have contacted customer care and the suggested to uninstall and then re install yahoo messenger which i have done twice... and...


Did you know that you can adjust the size of your Messenger? By doing this, you can stretch your Messenger...

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how to display image files on a web page

Windows Explorer has an option to display all the image files in a folder in "filmstrip" mode, which looks like this. I want to create a similar method of display on a web page. I figure I'll have to (unfortunately) use frames to create the...


You don't even need to use PHP, or anything fancy (although that's certainly an option). You can do...

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How can you display product categories on the home page of your Magento e-commerce site?

I have created an e-commerce site using Magento. I want to display the categories on the homepage. Please give me a detailed explanation on what files to update and where to paste the code.


There are many sites and tutorial available for every problem regarding Magento. There are some points...

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When user hovers over my image i would like it to display in another section of my page but larger?

I have created a site in dreamweaver and i would like to add a photo gallery where i have all my thumbnails down the left hand side then when i hover or click on the image it opens up in the side container on my page...but larger. any ideas?


Oh, you mean a picture gallery? I think you can do that with css, go to for some good...

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Why cant i display my image in yahoo messenger.even the pre defined images in yahoo default,always black page!

even i cant see my contact persons image...again black page...i have updated my messenger...still same problem...


You have to enable the image for showing to everyone; do this in preferences and at display image.

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Yahoo is trying a "new page". If you look on the new page, at the bottom, you will see "...

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How to make a drop down menu using select option and display an alert and pic change?

Hi, i have this homework assignment for my class. And our teacher wants the page to load and display and pic, and she wants to have a drop down menu near the pic and when an option is selected for the pic to change and then an alert to come up, and i...


Declare the variable before you start testing.

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