How to use angular.js with strongly typed view in

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AngularJS and Strongly Typed Views ~ OJ Develops

Strongly Typed Views with AngularJS. When using AngularJS, some benefits of having strongly-typed views are lost. The first is that individual properties can no ...

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AngularJS Developers: What do you think about this entry-level brunch stack and what is your OS of choice and applications you use to ease JS development?

My friend challenged me on Sunday to go up a level and start scripting with AngularJS ( He showed me some JS libraries, a YouTube video, and it's slideshow (


First of all, congrats for choosing angular, best js framework out there. Ubuntu is the currently most...

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How do I configure VMware View 4.5 location-based printing to use active directory groups?

I am attempting to configure VMware View 4.5's Location-Based Printing, which leverages an included OEM version of ThinPrint, to assign printers to active directory groups. The location-based printing feature maps printers that are physically near client...


The solution was two-fold. Windows 7 printers appeared as one My primary problem was I didn't realize...

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What is the recommended way to use AngularJS to consume REST API for a newbie?

There seems to be a few ways to consume REST API using AngularJS. $http, $resource, restangular. This is quite confusing for a newbie like me. What is the recommended way to use AngularJS to consume REST API for a newbie? The recommended way should be...


Please check this link Votr Part 5: AngularJS and CRUD Using RESTful APIs . If you have any doubt you...

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Should I use this character's point of view?

My fantasy book is written in third person limited; I only follow the perspective of my three main characters. But about 2/3 through the book, an important supporting character is revealed. He is an outsider who becomes very important to the plot. The...



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How much JavaScript experience does one need in order to use AngularJS?

For someone with just a basic understanding of JavaScript, is it a good idea to learn the rest of the language (and web development) while using AngularJS as the MVC framework? And what are some of the key JavaScript concepts that AngularJS use?


It depends: What do you mean by 'basic understanding'? How much time do you have? Are you talking about...

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Since Quora is English-only, is there a policy similar to the "neutral point of view" or is it the "Anglocentric point of view" on use of terms like "America",  "Latino", "Hispanic", and "Native American"?

I include more details about the subject in my post here: The Real Americans by Juan Rodríguez on The Devil´s Advocate One common issue that we found in Quora, and many other English centric sites, is that people from outside the Anglo nations is forced...


If you feel that an answer (or a question), includes assumptions or definitions that are incorrect or...

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I can't use "view profile" under the "contacts" heading on the messenger friends list anymore?

I use to be able to use this feature, after signing intoYahoo's IM messenger, and then if you wanted to view someones profile, that is NOT on your list, you could go to "Contacts" drop down menu, then scroll down to "View Profile"...


you would have to remove Yahoo messenger 8.0 from your system and reinstall messenger 7.0...thats why...

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How can I use AngularJS with jquery?

I decided to skip javascript and learn jquery and now I am quite proficient in it. But recently I came across wonders of angularJs but was put off by the fact that it is "100% javascript". I don't want to learn JS but I want to work with angularJS...


Forget JQuery and use Angular. jQuery was created for browser portability and desktop dominated web...

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Why Won't Google Maps Allow Me To Use Street View?

I have been invited to a party on Paines Lane (HA5 3DB, PINNER) and my parent's wanted to know where it was so I went onto google maps and typed in the address, it did show me the street from satellite, but it wouldn't allow me to access street view...


Not all places have streetview available yet. That might be one of them. Or maybe you're of middle eastern...

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