I play the clarinet and I want to know if taking up trumpet would affect my clarinet technique.

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I play the clarinet and I want to know if taking up trumpet would affect my clarinet technique?

I would never give up the clarinet but love the sound of the trumpet. I already play the saxophone, flute and piano but I wanted to try a brass instrument. I can already play a few ...show more


I am by most thorough training a clarinetist (having studied under the principal clarinetist of the...

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What should I play? And what do I need to do to become an Audiologist?

So I'm having a pre-mid life crisis. I'm 15 and I want to become an audiologist. I play piano, and trumpet, and I am learning bass clarinet. I've played other instruments throughout my life ( trombone, French horn ) but I've never actually PLAYED them...


Earn your 4 yr bachelor's degree in a communication/ speech or science major and obtain a masters degree...

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Do you think I would have problems switching from trumpet to bass clarinet?

I know how to play a B flat clarinet a little bit. I know how to finger most of the notes but not all of them. I'm not very big at all. I was thinkinkig about switching to clarinet this year,(I'm in 6th grade) but I want to spend maybe one more year...


The biggest differences will be in how you use your air and lips. The fingerings are the smallest part...

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Learning Jazz on the Clarinet?

Hi! I'm currently studying for a degree in clarinet, and I really want to learn how to play jazz on my clarinet too, and get involved in jazz combos and the like. I know lots of people just switch to sax, but I love the clarinet's sound in jazz! However...


Aebersold is the way to go. The "methods" are ok, but the Aebersolds give you much more experience...

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Why do the jazz clarinet players play the clarinet out insted of down?

Okay in taking a jazz class and I want to know why the people playing clarinet play it so that the bell is sticking outward unlike today how the people play it down. Was there any ...show more


A good comparison is that of Dizzy Gillespie's trumpet that was made for him with the bell angled at...

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Which instrument is best the oboe, clarinet , or trumpet? What music do they play?

When I tested for band my teacher said that I would play the trumpet,clarinet, or oboe. Which one do I choose and why? I want to know a little bit of detail too.



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Marching Band: Trumpet, Oboe, or English Horn?

Hey, I'm considering in trying Marching Band for my Junior year, and I'm deciding what instrument I want to play: Trumpet, oboe, or English horn. (I think I'm leaning a bit towards oboe but I want to be sure :P) I already play guitar, bass, violin, keyboard...


Hey, first off i'm glad that you want to consider marching band! its a lot of hard work and dedication...

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Could having extra clarinet practice in the morning make any difference to me getting into Wind Ensemble?

I'm 14 and in freshman class. I would like to get into Wind Ensemble. Try outs are in May. I've recently started private clarinet lessons (just had my 2nd one today) and he says that I have a chance of getting into Wind Ensemble (If I don't make it then...


You might get a bit tired so i suggest when you are doing other things eg. homework, reading notes you...

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How do you get on the good side of your band teacher?

So, i have this pretty mean band teacher. I've had him for 2 years so far (freshman and sophomore year), and he's pretty uptight. He's a well and highly respected band director and everyone knows him all over the country and he's been teaching at our...


I bet he is simply disappointed in you. I get a bit pushy with students that do not live up to their...

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Is it possible for me to learn sax over the summer?

I'm 14 and a freshman in high school. I play the clarinet (since 5th grade) and I would like to double on tenor sax. I WOULD play clarinet for Jazz Band but they can't join, and when they do need one, another guy that plays clarinet that is already in...


Yeah... The embouchure isn't much different.. and the fingerings are far more logical. (above the break...

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