What is the real name of the kid who playes in shakalaka boom boom serial?

Let’s learn what is the real name of the kid who playes in shakalaka boom boom serial. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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* Bobby Deol ... AJ * Upen Patel ... Reggi * Kangana Ranaut ... Ruhi * Celina Jaitley ... Sheena

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Did anyone see the serial shakalaka boom boom?

Does anyone have an idea about the serial jadoo high of shakalaka boom boom? Where can I download the episodes of only jadoo high for free? And does anyone know the name of that guy who played the role of shaan? Please please help me....



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The name of the Kid Rock song is "Bawitdaba". Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said...

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Name that kid's song tape from the 80s?

I had a cassette tape in the late 80s with silly kids songs on it. Some that I remember are, Mr. Frog went a courtin', Fooba wooba John, It ain't gonna rain no more no more, A bear went over the mountain & Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy. I...


All of those songs are public domain so finding a compilation with those individual songs on it is not...

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What are the television series you were crazy about when you were young and now that you think about it you cannot find a reason why?

We 90's kids used to watch all the serials of doordarshan. I remember being crazy about them. I remember that shaktimaan used to air at first on Saturday and we used to miss school for that. Then our teachers started scolding and we had to miss some...


CID Serial on Sony TV. (Image from:tv.apnicommunity.com)   I used it watch this serial continously for...

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About my husband told me that the email that he send it to his friend its not true. I need a man to answer me.?

my husband accidentally told me his password to his email account 2 years ago, then last year i dont know why why that password lways bothering me that tells me on my mind just look his email, then when i decided to open his email,i surprised what i...


Sounds to me as though your hubby is thinking about,if not allready cheating on you. The reason he says...

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Do you think I priced him to low or to high?

Hey y'all! My TWH I put up for sale sadly.He is a great boom-proof kid safe horse and has helped build up my confidence.He is 14.2. His name is Rocky he is Black with 3 white socks and a white blaze. Used for mostly trail and pleasure. I am selling him...


A horse is worth what the buyer will pay. You are better off pricing him higher so he goes to people...

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What would you name your kid if?

1) a boy with a really common name and middle name kinda common 2) a girl with a really common name and middle name a flower 3) a girl with a really unique name and her middle name a common name 4) a boy named after a tree and middle name after a famous...


1) Liam Elijah 2) Hailey Rose 3) Lyra Isabel 4) Oakley Harrison (Harrisob Ford) 5) Elliot Lilah 6) Zoey...

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I want to name my son Moses based on this reason, but is it a silly reason to name my kid this?

okay my earliest memory was watching the three stooges with my dad. We would watch that show everyday together, it was my eaerliest memory of watching tv, and I totally bonded with my father over this when I was a little kid I want to name my kid moses...


I think it is really cute. And its a nice way to honor your favorite memories! Moses is a strong name...

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Naming a kid with a formal name, when you only intend to use the nickname?

My husband and I are interested in the name Margaret. I like it because I love the nickname/variation "Greta" and my husband likes "Greta" but also the possibility of "Maggie." 1. Is it weird that neither of us really intends...


Firstly, Margaret is a great name! I love Margaret's versatility. It's a fun, fascinating, beautiful...

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