What's the percentage of metal used in a personal computer?

Let’s learn what's the percentage of metal used in a personal computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by oecd.org.

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Session 1 The Evolution of Materials Used in Personal ...

The Evolution of Materials Used in Personal Computers ... a low percentage of the plastics used in all ... and rare earth metals may have also been used in the ...


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Whats a really cheap website for computer parts? new or used. i only have 120$ to make a computer with?

i only have 120$, what would be a good website to buy cheap new or used computer parts so i can buy a decent computer and sell it for $$$. i need profit. plz help me or give me ideas


Ebay - http://www.ebay.com

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Whats those things called (i think in the 1990's)they used to like call police through computer?

Like the operator i think it was. They look like a command prompt thing. If you dont know what it is go on Accessories (on your computer) and it will have it there. I was just wondering lol i saw it when i was watchinf Scream she called police through...


Was it like a police scanner? I really dont know what your talking about but that is my guess...

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My charger won't charge my computer due to new charger head being used, whats wrong?

I have a charger that you can take off the head of the charger and replace it, my other one, that actually charged the computer. Chipped at the bottom and its hard to keep it charging now without it disconnecting a lot. So I got a new charger head, it...


Perhaps it is set to the wrong polarity? Check that the tip is the right way around, try reversing it...

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How do i look at the percentage of RAM used on my computer?

Ok, so my computer is really slow and it isn't memory, i have an outer hardrive extention thing but i believe it is the RAM. I have windows Vista and i was wondering where in the system to look to confirm this. Does anyone know how to do this?


control panel > system > and you should click on the tab which describes your computer information...

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Questions about a used computer that was purchased recently?

Okay so some guy was telling the computer he had didn't need a recovery CD to recover his computer back to factory condition settings. That the recovery info was already on the computer and all you had to do was boot the computer hold Ctrl key and press...


you need recovery disks for xp, but not for win 7 if it was that old, you shouldnt have bought it

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My computer keeps blue screening?

This event has been occurring since a few months before last Christmas, until now. Okay, so, here's whats been happening: My older brother built me a computer and ordered all the parts online and stuff, so this wasn't made by a company or anything like...


I'm no expert either, but have you tried replacing the RAM? I had a stick of bad RAM once, and the computer...

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Whats A Good Gameing Computer?

Im looking for a computer that is cheap and can be used for games like mine craft without lagging the hell out of it. im trying to find the cheapest computer that has the most rams affordable and don't list computers like a 192 ram mac computer that...


If your as "pro" as you say then you dont need our help.

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RE: Help! What is wrong with this computer? Please answer ASAP!?

Hello, my other question sort of like this got an answer saying i didnt put in enough detail so i wanted to put more detail now that i know more about it now. If you havent read the first one then i will tell you the "story" again so you dont...


1 when asking a question you do not need to tell the reason why your asking. (doing this results in...

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Whats wrong with my computer?

I have a desktop at work, and it suddenly is having issues. It is an acer computer. It will be turned on, and boot up normally, than after being on for x amount of time, the acerb goes black! I changed monitors, and its still doing this. The power button...


check and clean fans check and make sure power cord is connected all the way

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