Can I have my mail forwarded from one yahoo account to another automatically?

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Yes, there is. From Yahoo account, go to the POP & Forwarding page. On the POP & Forwarding...

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Can mail from one Yahoo account be read or forwarded to another Yahoo account automatically?

One of these Yahoo accounts is a Plus account if that matters.


A plus account can automatically forward to another account but not the other way around. ₪ &...

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Can mail to my one Yahoo email account be automatically forwarded to my other Yahoo email account?

I have two Yahoo email accounts. Unfortunately I only use one of them ALL the time and the other about twice a year. I keep the limited-use one open just because it contains a name unique to my business (real estate agent). I have too many users of my...


Since you don't want Mail Plus there is one possibility. Look into the free program Ypops. It allows...

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turn off mail forwarding. your mail provider can tell you how to do it on their site.

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Can I create a new Yahoo! mail account and phase out the old one?

Is there any way to create a new yahoo! email account, and continue to have the mail from my old one forwarded to the new one? I know about the extra ID feature, but I'd like an entire new account altogether, while still being able to phase out the old...


Y! doesn't have an E-mail forwarding feature. If you just want a different ID, I can understand. If...

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How do you forward yahoo email to gmail without having the Plus account?

I would like to only check one email and would like to have my yahoo account forwarded to gmail. The only way to get yahoo to forward to another email (which isn't yahoo) is to pay the $19.99/year and upgrade to the Yahoo! Plus. I do not want to do this...


can't be done. Just use gmail and forget the yahoo one

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If I have multiple yahoo email accounts, must I upgrade each one to Yahoo mail plus?

I am trying to connect my yahoo accounts to Outlook 2007. I understand that I have to upgrade to yahoo mail plus to do it. So my question is if I have two current email addresses one is for my personal use and another for my church do I need upgrade...


You don't need to upgrade to the plus account. To create another account in addition to your current...

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I'm having problems with forwarding my emails from one yahoo account to another. Please help.?

I have two yahoo email accounts. I would like to only have to check one. I assumed you had to sign up for the all new yahoo mail on both of my email accounts in order to have one of them forwarded to the other. I had both accounts signed up. Is this...


Sounds like you will have to ask Yahoo on this one... Use the website first..has a live chat option...

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Is it possible to have my mail from yahoo to be forwarded to my hotmail?

Is it possible for me to have my mail that i get in my yahoo mail be forwarded to my hotmail instead? i don't go on yahoo as much anymore and i use my hotmail more so i was wondering if i could coz i know you could forward mails from one hotmail account...


Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account. Verify that you have a paid Yahoo! Mail account. You can only forward...

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Can i link my yahoo mail account to my gmail account for free?

Is there a way to do this without having a premium account or anytihng so my yahoo mail will be forwarded to my gmail account and i can just use one account? Thanks.


▓▓▓ ▒▒▒▓▓ ▒▒▒▒▒▓...

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