Can I make my cable box wireless?

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Can i make my cable box wireless? | Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: No there are no wireless STB's (set top box) at this time. If there is no coaxal outlet the FIOS Installer will place one.

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I'm not sure what you're asking. The connection from a cable box to a TV isn't wireless, it's usually...

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How can i make all products work if my surround doesnt have av rec. but my cable box and tv does?

I have my new T.V it has Digital Audio Output my Cable box has the input but my surround doesn't how can i hook them all together to make everything work on surround sound


You will need a new AV receiver that has them. Many ebay for sub 100 dollars on ebay. look for panasonic...

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I don't have enough information on your situation. Go into the menu and do a channel scan. Please specify...

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How do I make my digital cable box work with basic cable?

I have basic cable and I've connected it to an older Motorola digital cable box, but nothing is happening. It continues to say "One Moment Please. This channel should be available shortly" and it gives me a reference number. Is it not working...


You call your provider and subscribe to digital cable, and get the box from them. There is little chance...

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Is there a way to make a tivo use a satellite channel lineup and a cable box ir blaster code?

I have a series 2 DT TIVO and have recently gotten rid of cable and am using an antenna with a digital converter box (DTX9900). I found that if I tell the tivo that we have an Everquest brand cable box the IR codes work and channels change properly....


No. You need to find a cable lineup that matches your OTA lineup, a converter box with satellite codes...

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Is there a way to make your tv cable box wireless, or send wireless signals to a piece of hardware?

we have comcast. in my bedroom there is only one wire but I want to put the tv on the other side of the room; I don't want to run the wire across the room is there more


No. There is no wireless system that can make your tv pick up a signal wireless that I know of. Even...

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Does the HD picture quality setting on your HD cable box really make a difference?

I have a few HD tvs, some just 720p or 1080i and one 1080p My IO TV cable box has a setting to change the picture quality on each channel, ie reg quality is 480 but then it changes to 1080i (highest quality the cable company has now), sometimes to 7...


I doubt you can see any difference. But. On 720p TV set it ti either 720p or 1080i. On 1080p TVs set...

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Hello, does anybody know how to connect a widescreen dell monitor to a cable box to make it be a tv!?

i am looking for a good dell widescreen monitor 20 inches or more. i want to know how to connect it to a cable box to make it into a tv. the thing is that i also want to know how to make sure that it has sound once its connected. thank you in advance...


TV's and monitors have two different signals. Therefore you cannot simply connect a cable box to a monitor...

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TV, cable box, receiver & DVD plyr. all wired worst: remotes workin independent of others. How 2 make all as 1

Yegads. Cable Guy somehow hooked up TV, DVD player, cable box AND receiver - all remotes operate independent of other three functions. Is it not possible, to (re) connect wires, enabling everything to work off of one remote only?! (INCL. SOUND) ??


The wiring probably cannot be changed. Each piece of equipment is for a specific part of the home theater...

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