Can I move a game from a pc to another?

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Move installed game from 1 pc to another?

I recently built a new computer but haven't gotten around to buying a CD drive yet and i haven't really needed one. I want to however download one of my old games i have on a disc, to the computer. I want to know how to transfer it across from my laptop to my new PC. I'm pretty sure you can't just transfer the files but correct me if I'm wrong. the game is Morrowind: GOTY if that helps, also i know that i will need to make it workable without a disc to use on my new PC so don't bother mentioning...


You can use a pendrive.. I mean you should go to the location where you installed the game and copy...

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Bought a yahoo game and put it on pc at work i now have to move it is that possible to another pc?

it is carrie the caretaker and i cnnot keep it on the pc at work i want to move it to another pc did not have one a t home how can this be done


If you saved the key code, you can just download it again onthe new comp.

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On the sims2 or sims2pet pc game how do u move a family from one house to another. when u start play the game?

game start the family 20,000 in money and the family have more money to buy big and better house. so how do u move the family to the other house.In the sims complete collection u can evict the family they will go back createa family panel.But on the...


Okay there are two ways you can do this, very simple: 1. When you are at the families neighborhood all...

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Is it possible to move a PC game to another computer?.?

I was just wondering, because I am hoping to get a new PC.


If you reinstall it yes, transferring just the game folder no

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Move my san andreas for pc game saves?

i have san andreas for pc from a guy and put the game in my other computer but the game save is left behind where do i find the game save and is there a special way to move it if so more


that's a good question...wish i knew the answer....sorry!!!

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How do I move a game from my work pc to my home pc?

I have bought 2 games from work ,I want to put them on my home pc


Or, if the files are too large to email, you could transfer them to a MP3 player or memory stick and...

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How to move a Sims game from a PC to a Mac?

I'm getting a Mac laptop in a few days and I don't want to lose all of my sims games. I would like to know if I can transfer the game to the Mac from my PC. I just put put my whole "Electronic Arts" folder on a flash drive but idk if that will...


well if your looking into saving your saves and custom items i suggest you go to your document folder...

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Is it possible to download a ps3 game on my pc, and move it to my ps3, and play it? if so, how?

I wanted to know if it was actually possible to download a game onto my pc, and transfer it directly to my playstations hard drive and play it from the hard drive... is that possible?


I don't think so, not without a modded ps3

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How to move settlers on civilization IV game for PC?

how do i move my settlers to start new colony on a new continent. i have to get across the ocean. again this is for the sid meier's game civilization IV


you would probably have to build transports because most settlers i know can not walk on water.

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