Can I play my PS3 games on my PSP using remote play?

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How can i play PS3 games on the PSP?

just got a new ratchet and clank bundle pack with my psp and i want to play ps3 games on my psp. any suggestions on how?


You can play a few games from your ps3 on you psp using remote play, but the selection is limited to...

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The answer to the equation 3 (2x6)+6=0 is zero.

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Yes, with the new release of PSP firmware, now you can play those original games on your PSP via(PS...

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Can you use a PSP as a controller for PS3?

Hi, I have conected the PSP to the PS3 for the remote play but how do you use the PSP as a controller for PS3 games? Can you use the PSP in any PS3 games other than using the PSP as a controller? I need to know step by step. I heard somwhere you can...


No, you cannot use a PSP to play all PS3 games. It works on games that have PSP support. The simple...

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Is it a good idea to even play early PS3 titles at the moment?

So last week, while I was in Gamestop preordering FFXIII, I noticed that they had a copy of The Orange Box. I'd been meaning to get this game for some time, although I was a bit hesitant, as I'm trying to tighten my belt lately. But in the end I figured...


The Official Advice is to Leave our PS3's switched off until the Problem is resolved here is the news...

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If I buy a PSP 3000, how do I download the games without using a ps3 or pc?

so I was under the impression that I could just dl the games on the psp from the psn on the psp for downloading do can I just use the psp or do i have to have a ps3 or a pc and then transfer it also can I make a psn profile on the psp or would i have...


U make profile from PSP and u go in PSN store also on psn and choose game and game gets downloaded on...

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Can you play psp games on a ps3?

First of all i am having a hard time just hooking up my psp and ps3. And i was wondering if you can play games like patapon that are on my psp on my ps3.



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Can PSP Games Play On A PS3?

First of all, if your going to be a rude little **** then please, bugger off. Now that's cleared up, my question is (obviously) can PSP games play on a PS3 console? I know more


PSN (PlayStation Network) is free to access and free to use. Demos are free, game videos are free, some...

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Can a ps3 60gb play psp games ?

Hi, I was on my ps3 the other day and noticed it had a psp memory slot on the menu. It's a backwards compatible as i use it to play my ps2 games on it.


ill be

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Can I play jailbroken games on my ps3 from the hdd without using the blu-ray drive?

My PS3's blu-ray drive's lens is broken and I'm wondering if I can still play games without any disc by jailbreaking it and using the hard drive? And how can I put games in the hard drive?


See, if you had a job you could afford to repair your system AND buy your games.

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