Can I use a phone card from my cell phone internationally?

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How to Use Cell Phones Abroad | USA Today

How to Use Cell Phones Abroad. Travel ... How Do I Call Internationally Using My AT&T Cell Phone? ... international calling, rent an international cell phone or ...

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Yes, a cell phone user can use a phone card to dial internationally. But you will also be using up your...

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Yes, you can do that for that phone ... Good luck!

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Can I use the Sim Card from my Mifi for a cell phone?

Hey guys, so my dad has a at&t mifi and inside it has a regular sim card it uses to contact the cell towers. My question is, if I take that sim card out and put it in a cell phone, could I use it as a data only cell phone? Just surf the web from...


It is just an ordinary sim card - if it's got credit on it, or you're on a pay monthly plan, you'll...

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Can you re use the same prepaid cell phone card more than once?

I'm through walmart's prepaid service called Straight Talk. I have been with them for a few months now, and I have noticed that if you buy a 30 dollar calling card for 1000 texts and 30 MB of data, they don't keep track of the texts and internet usage...



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Can you use a sprint/nextel card in any other cell phone carriers like a prepaid boost or other type?

I have a sprint/nextle Motorola phone that is push to talk and I have a sim card kind of thing in my phone. Sprint phones are really expensive unless you sign on another contract and whatever other BS they pull. Can I put my sprint/nextle card in another...


The short answer is yes you can put your sprint sim card into another phone that accepts sim cards....

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Unfortunately, AT&T will not activate other SIM card for you other than a 3G SIM card, so even if...

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Can you call someone on a cell phone using a calling card and not use daytime minutes?

The calling card will be used using my cell phone and not a land phone. Is this possible without wasting my daytime minutes? Or is it better to use a land phone when calling someone with a calling card?


Just use SKYPE if is "almost free" to no only USA but many other countries.

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Can I use a pre-paid calling card with a cell phone? Are there special ones for cell phones?

I need to call overseas and I only have a cell phone. I would like to use a calling card. Thank you


Yes, but there is an even easier way to take and receive calls overseas. You can call for pennies per...

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