Can I use my mobile phone as a webcam for MSN?

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Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam | Android.AppStorm

Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam Jacob Schweitzer on July 31st 2011. Tweet. Bluetooth, video, ... Pingback: How to use Android mobile as USB webcam : ...

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How to use your webcam on your phone using msn?

I have a htc touch pro 2 and often use msn on it, how do i make it so i can use my camera on my phone as webcam. So i can webcam people while i am using msn on my phone. Is there any more


Nop - You aint got cam on ur fone - its a camera love not a cam

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Could I use my sony ericsson T715 as a webcam?

Im trying to use it as a webcam to video chat with my girlfriend. I searched online yet I found nothing. Im trying to video chat with her through MSN (Windows XP). Does anyone know how this can be done? If not, what about using the sony ericsson vivaz...


YES. I just tried "Google" for you. Type in: Sony Ericsson T715, and your results for search...

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Webcam Help- It wont display on my msn but you can use it for msn-?

Yeah i have the alba 10mp webcam and it says it works with msn but when im on messenger the little webcam icon wont show up Ive installed the software and if you uninstall it it says "this programme will no longer be recognised on your computer...


Did you uninstall it? Even if you didn't, it wouldn't hurt to re-install it. Here's what you should...

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Why won't MSN MESSENGER let me use my webcam?

Well, my webcam no longer works for MSN Messenger whether I use Video Call or just webcam. Before it only did for some people, now it doesn't work for anyone. My webcam is built more



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Why can't I use my webcam normally on MSN?

I've set my webcam up on MSN but it will only give me the option of video calling someone and won't let me click on show my webcam. Every time i call someone, the webcam more


this isnt an answer to your question, but since i cant IM you, look at my ww2 questions added details...

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Why does my MSN crash when I use my webcam?

I have a Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 webcam and whenever I try to do video calls or anything involving the webcam it crashes my MSN, I have the 2011 MSN essential pack... I have 8GB more


Are you certain whom you are connecting to has a web cam on their pc,if not that can be the problem...

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How do i choose what webcam i want to use for msn?

I have 2 webcams. 1 of them is inbuilt in my laptop and the other is connected seperatly. I would like to use the webcam connected seperatly for live messenger. When I go to open webcam in a conversation it automatically opens the inbuilt one. How do...


There should be a reading that clearly distinguishes the camera that's connected by the USB cable as...

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Can you use the built in camera on a Mac for webcam on MSN ?

I have a Mac OS X. It has a bulit in webcam and the application 'Photo Booth'. Is it possible to use it for a webcam on MSN ? How ?


yeah but you need amsn

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What MSN Messenger for WebCam use do I have to install on a Mac?

What MSN Messenger/Program do I have to install to use WebCam or to see someone's WebCam? Hope someone can help.


Unfortunately Vicki is wrong, you can't use MSN messenger with webcam on a Mac. There is no Windows...

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