Can a mediocre programmer find a job?

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Can someone find a job as a programmer without an education?

Interested in knowing from the more experienced ones if someone can find a job as a programmer without even a highschool degree. Consider the said person to be an average programmer. Would someone even consider giving him/her a chance on an interview ? The languages of interest would be python/php/java/c# Please answer for your region/city/country only. No "go back to school" answers please.


Your biggest difficulty is going to be getting through the HR filter. If you can do that, experience...

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Can a very mediocre programmer find a job?

I Am 47 learning Actionscript 3. Will probably be a mediocre Flex/AS3 programmer. Will I still be able to find contracts & jobs? Thx.


90% of programmers are mediocre - the other 10% do 90% of the work. If your prospective employer isn...

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How can a Russian programmer find a job and move outside of Russia?

I’d like to hear advice and recommendations. This is some actual information about me: I’m from Russia. I am 28 years old, I work as full time and freelance programmer for 12 years - right now I’m working with javascript...


Here are some suggestions. a) Apply for the Green card Lottery in the US. Lately, the US seems to encourage...

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What is the best way to find a job as a junior C# programmer/developer?

I've been looking for a job as a C# programmer. It's hard to find one because most of them requires at least 2 years of experience, and I don't have any experience at all. Can anybody more


Set yourself up as a provider on or Bid on the easier jobs to...

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As a programmer, how do I find a job in sales?

Every job I've ever had has been programming. I'd like to get better at selling. So I'd like to try a job in sales. How do I go about getting a job in sales, or something like that. I don't care if I don't make a lot of money. I just ant to try something...


Jump in.  Find someone who sells something you'd be willing to put your name on, take a small salary...

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Actually maybe, depends on who you're working for o.o

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Electronics and Computer science are more or less same. In electronics we have 8051 Coding 8054 coding...

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Which europian country is easier for a programmer to find a job?

i am a fresh MSC graduate of software engineering from a well known sweden university, i am currently looking at my options. my question is which country in europe is easier to find a programming job p.s i am non eu student


No country is easier because they all have the same EU rules on immigration. Your possible employer...

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Is it easy for a programmer to find a job?

I'm going to be a university student soon, and I was wondering, is it easier to get a job if I get a degree in Computer Science or Computer Science & Engineering? Also what is typically the salary range? Thanks.


This is a question that students will find themselves asking more and more until the baby boomers start...

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