Can you become an animator with a computer science degree?

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Your best bet with a CS degree is to look at being a technical director. Modelers tend to come from...

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What skills do you need to have to become a 3D animator?

I am going to be going back to school to become an animator, but my school only offers computer science or video game design. I just want to get a jump on courses I should take before transferring to get a BS Degree.


The secret to becoming a good animator is bringing believable performances to your characters. There...

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Can i become a software engineer with a computer science degree?

Like I go to the University of Waterloo and am going for a computer science major...and looking to take a software engineering option. However doing it this way doesn't make me a canadian lisenced engineer. Does that mean I can't get a software engineering...


You can.A degree in CS is enough to fetch you a software engineering job.Don't worry, software engineering...

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If I got a computer science degree today, how long would it take for what I learned to become obsolete?

Today is February the 1st, 2014. Assuming I don't work and don't pay any attention to advances in computer science after I get my degree, how long would it take for me to become clueless and unemployable?


Short answer: Your knowledge is already obsolete. Long answer: If you learned the whole idea behind...

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Can you eventually become a visual effects artist with a BS degree in Computer Science?

I plan on majoring in Computer Science when I go off to school, but I want a career in visual effects. Are there any visual effects careers that utilize computer science?


A degree is useful but not mandatory to be a VFX Artist. That applies to ANY artistic job.

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What can I do with a computer science degree besides become a programmer?

I am a computer science undergrad at a top 3 CS school. I have interned at several Silicon Valley tech companies in software engineering positions, as well as done research. After all this, I realized I can code, but I don't love coding - it's not what...


Let me flip that question around for you. You say coding doesn't get you excited, so what *does* get...

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Is a Computer Science degree absolutely necessary to become a web developer?

Are there any other degrees I could get? I could never handle calculus. What about an actual Web Development degree? Some colleges offer those.


Honestly, no... When you get into IT fields, employers want somebody who can do the job and handle real...

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Can one become an expert in machine learning without having a degree in computer science, and be recognized (by institutions and companies) as such?

I study Mechanical Engineering and would choose some subjects in CS & Machine Learning, but the Degree label is Mech.Eng.


Depends what you refer to as an expert. One type of expert is a Ph.D. graduate in CS who did his research...

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Design is a great start. But also work with video, computers and take classes in psychology, music and...

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How do I transition from a career of computer science and electrical engineering to become a sports scientist?

I have a masters degree in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Robotics. I am very keen in doing sports. I have done a marathon and play good amount of sports. I have just started training for a triathlon. Now I want to...


Without knowing much about computer science, I would say that technology and robotics would put you...

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