Can you buy iPhone apps from iTunes with an iTunes gift card?

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How do I buy iPhone apps using an iTunes gift card?

I have a credit on my iTunes account from a gift card. When I make an App Store purchase on my iPhone, how do I make the purchase come from the gift card balance and not my credit card? Thank you!


First you have to redeem the credit from your gift card. So like type in the code from the back of the...

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Yes, you can use an iTunes gift card to buy Apps for an iPhone.

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Where can I get the cheapest iTunes Gift-Card?

I would like to buy some iPhone apps and thinking of buying a $200 US dollars iTunes giftcard ...and I have no idea where can I get it Is there anyone can help...tell me where I can buy the cheapest iTunes gift-card ?? thanks you so much in advance....


Why don't you just get one free from the iTunes website? If you visit the website, you'll see that they...

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I want to buy iTunes gift card online and get code instantly how?

hello i want to buy from internet itunes gift card to buy apps for my iphone without waiting for shipping or anything i want to get the code online can i ?? from which site i can buy it


You can buy itunes gift card online from I am using them for the last 2 years...

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Can I use my itunes gift card to buy apps on the ipod touch app store?

I got a gift card from a friend. But if I redeem it, and buy game, will it bill my credit card? I seriously don't need more debt.


I'm pretty sure that you have to get a separate card in order to buy stuff from the app store. The iTunes...

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Sorry my friend that is not allowed, if you bought that iTunes gift card in US, then you must use that...

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Can I buy apps with my iTunes gift card?

I just bight a song with my gift card, but when I tried to buy pocket god, it told me to provide a method of payment. Why?


Yes you have to go to the app store. If you don't have enough gift card money it will do that. If you...

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I have a $15 iTunes gift card from Christmas. What iPhone apps should I get?

The only paid apps I have are Angry Birds and Bejeweled.


I'll give you two great apps, one a game and the other a productivity app. Real Racing 2 ($9.99) for...

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Can you buy an iTunes Gift card at Target with a Target Gift card?

well, my relative gave me a Target gift card and i want an iTunes gift card. I was wondering if i could buy an iTunes gift card with the Target gift card.


surely can.

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Will I be able to use my gift card to buy apps in iTunes?

I have an iTunes account, but with no credit card. I know how to get paid apps with a gift card without a credit card, but that requires making a new iTunes account. If I redeem my iTunes gift card on my existing account, will I be able to use it to...


if u have money in an can buy whatever your heart desires on itunes, including apps

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