Can you finish FLVS courses early?

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Can I finish 2 FLVS Courses over the summer?

I want to take chemistry honors and precal honors over the summer to get ahead on my courses however I am worried it might be overbearing. I'm generally a hard worker and was more


Considering chemistry is a lab science, labs online will probably be time consuming. You CAN finish...

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Can you finish FLVS courses during the summer?

I'm doing a couple of courses on FLVS as a substitute for going to 9th grade. And i'm really sick of it. I wish i would have never made my dad withdraw from my school. more


Yes you can.

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I'm online home schooled and im in 8th grade and i didnt finish my classes and i want to go to 9th grade?

I didnt finish my FLVS online courses and i HATE it because im always alone in my room with to many distractions and they just took me out of my class for not turing in enough work more


"i DONT want to go back to 8th grade! " Didn't it occur to you that you needed to do your...

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Do you have to finish FLVS before the regular school year ends?

Hi, I'm enrolled in flvs and I got really behind. I was wondering if you can still go back to regular school if you don't finish by the date the regular school finishes. more


Hey I am in FLVS too. But am a sixth grader! Lol! Well, you already passed the grace period right? Did...

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Can someone explain honors courses to me on FLVS?

Can all courses be taken at honors level as long as you ask the teacher? Or is there a list of honors courses? If there is a list, please provide it :)


Yes you can take honors level courses if you ask you teacher. On the FLVS web site there is a list of...

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Is there any way I can finish up these 2 courses by June?

I want to graduate high school early and I need 2 courses left (English 12 and Government). Is there any way I can take them now and finish them up by June (whether it be online or in a classroom) or will I need to wait until summer school to finish...


║▌│ █│║▌ ║││█║▌ γ...

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Does FLVS drivers ed count as the 4 hour drugs, and alcohol courses?

So i'm taking Drivers Ed in, so I want to know if it count as the 4 hours Drugs and alcohol?


Both we and our fathers have sinned; we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly. Our fathers...

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Easiest flvs courses?

So on flvs, i have already taken: -drivers ed -spanish 1 -parenting skills -personal fitness I would like to know what is another QUICK and easy class to complete. I have already more


Take Spanish 2? If you already took it, take Spanish 3. The more years of a foreign language you have...

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How can I finish my courses FINALLY after trying over and over and failing? (I NEED TO KNOW BETTER METHODS!)?

I have to complete my grade 11 courses in less than a month. The courses I am doing are Physics, English, Social Studies, Biology, and I have to complete my Math final exam. These are more


Don't do chores, don't get online, don't do anything until you first study. Get some breakfast and juice...

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Are the universities in Finland or Sweden offering preparation courses in Finish or Swedish or even Norwegian?

I know universities in Finland, Sweden , and Norway are tuition free. But you either have to know either swedish or finish for a university in Finland and Swedish for a university in Sweden. I don't know any of these languages but I wish to continue...


I can’t comment on Sweden or Norway, but in Finland most universities do not (at the moment) charge...

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