Can you help me plan a trip to Europe?

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Is there a good site to help me plan my trip to Europe?

Basically my company needs to visit 5 cities in the Netherlands and Germany. I've never been there so I don't know about trains vs. flying or what airports to use, but I imagine that there might be a sight out there where I can just plug in my destinations and it tells me the fastest/cheapest way to get there and back? sidenote: I am traveling from Japan and would like to fly in and out of the same airport (because round trip tickets are cheaper than two one ways, right?) Thanks


Amsterdam would be great to visit. But are you over 18 years old? If not, you are not allowed to enter...

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I need help planning a custom trip in Europe!!?? Are there websites that can plan everything from means of travel to hotels and itineraries?

Our college choir will be doing a European tour. We will sing in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria not specifically in that order. That trip will be 10 days. We have an option more


Well, I don't know about the other countries, but foreign tourists tend to complain about restaurants...

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Should I plan an itinerary for next summers trip to Europe? How did you plan your international trip? HELP PLZ

I'm thinking of taking me family to Europe next summer, but I have NO IDEA where we should go! I know we want to see the Vatican The eiffel tower shop! And more, how more


For a guidebook, get either Lonely Planet's "Europe on a Shoestring" or Rough Guides "...

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Help me plan my trip to Europe?

I'm planning a trip to Europe for this Summer. I'm hoping to visit Ireland, UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and the Netherlands. This trip creates a more


I've just mentioned to someone else to make sure they avoid the 'one country a week' thing; and here...

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Will you help me plan my trip to Europe?

Hey guys...I am thinking about a Europe trip with my boyfriend as a law school graduation gift! However, I have only briefly been abroad once, and my boyfriend never, so I was more


The travelogues on our web site will provide food for thought: For help...

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I'm planning a large trip in Europe. What would the best program be to help me plan?

I want to plan the trip throughly using a program to track my distance with directions, maps, etc..


I would use a combination of: TripIt for flights, hotels & travel Google Maps for maps for land...

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Please help to plan a road trip through Europe?

Hello. We are planning to drive this Easter through Europe. We have around 10 days in hand. We are taking the Euro Tunnel from Folkestone (UK) to Calais (France). We do not want to see too many cities as such (we have been to cities like paris/berlin...


Normandy and Brittany

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Help me plan my first trip to Europe!

I am heading to Europe on Sunday, specifically Spain, France and Italy. I will be backpacking and it will be my first time doing this sort of thing. My bag is packed with the basics, but what extra things should I bring? I'm looking for some kernels...


Plan on doing laundry - you can even drop most of your stuff off at a fluff/fold place in a mall in...

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Help me plan my trip to Europe/Russia?

Ok, I'm a bit overwhelmed. I have about 6 months to travel around Europe and Russia. I might even dip into China or the African continent if I can. I have plenty of money. All my more


I think it'd be a shame if you limited yourself to just Europe and Russia. With that kind of time and...

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I really need help im trying to plan a trip to europe but i dont know where to start?

there will be two people going we want to go to brazil, paris, england, scotland, and ireland but we dont know where to start we want to go in august 2007 but what sites to go on to get packages what sites to see should i buy a book for each country...


You're going to have to skip Brazil on a Europe trip...totally different continent. But, try sidestep...

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