Cheats for sims 2 pets?

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Sims 2 pets cheats?

i got the cheat gnome, pet points, advance time, get simloans and i need to max out the energy and others. also i need to set my skills.


try go under, S, and look for sims 2 pets they have every cheat! also try IGN! Hope...

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Does anyone know any cheats for The Sims 2,The Sims 2 Pets,The Sims 2 Castaway?

Does anyone know any cheats for it please help if you can can you please give me some for Lego Star Wars 1 or 2 or Lego Indiana Jones please help!!!!!!!!!


I can give you a link to a site that lists the cheats for The Sims 2 and each expansion pack. Plus,...

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PS2 Sims 2 Pets Cheats.. Help?

Okay, so I'm on my Playstation 2 for Sims 2 Pets and I have NO idea how to do cheats. How do I get to the cheat page to like .. enter the cheats. HELP?!


L1 twice, R1, X(2), up when on a home lot

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Sims 2 pets cheats for PC ?

ok ive forgotten some of the cheats! heres the ones i need help with! 1. making your dogs have twins or quaddroplets! 2. the mailbox cheat 3. unlimited pets cheats 4. tell your more


1. Ummm... my pets always have multiple births, did you download a hack somewhere that makes it so you...

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How do you enter cheats on Sims 2 pets DSI ASAP!?

OK just traded friend my Sims agents for Sims 2 pets! I Was fine until i got a patient that had fleas. i agreed to take him for 3 days i bought 1 flea bath. used it now its next day. I went to go buy flea bath I WAS BROKE! so i looked up money cheat...


I have never played the sims on a DS. I think the motherlode cheat you are talking about is only for...

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Sims 2 pets cheats for teaching you pets commands faster?

are there any cheat codes to teach your pets tricks or commands quickly or just make them know it all?


open the cheat box (crtl+c) at the neighborhood screen. enter: boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true exactly...

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tut tut ur only cheating ur self . FIRST Press L1, R1, Up, X, R2 during game play. The Cheat Gnome ...

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Cheats for Sims 2; Pets Gamecube !?

Okay, I've got the lawn gnome guy already. But everytime I try and enter a cheat, nothing happens. It's all the cheats that everyone says work, like the Extra Money cheats, ect. I don't understand why nothing happens.. do I have to do anything special...


go to the cheat thing and type "midas" to unlock everything, "freeall" to make everything...

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Does any one know any cheats for sims 2 pets??

I don't want my person in sims to work but she has to because i can't find any cheats.!!!


yes there is give money ,all locations,fill all motives,all objects

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Cheats for Sims Pets 2 on Ps2?

Where exactly do you put in the code for the Cheat Gnome thingy? It says "gameplay" but I have no clue what that is... So can someone please tell me? And after that, where do you put in the other cheats? Thank you in advance!!


you put in ALL cheats the EXACT same way. pause the game (use the "start" button, NOT L1)...

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