Chinese Farming Methods?

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Agriculture in China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Agriculture is a vital industry in China, employing over 300 million farmers. China ranks first in worldwide farm output, primarily producing rice, wheat, potatoes ...

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Can someone please tell me what exactly are "Traditional Farming Methods"?

Is this farming without fertilizer, or with inorganic fertilizer? I've looked ALL over the internet, and not ONE site can tell me what traditional farming methods actually are more


traditional generally means the way it has always been done, which the previous poster covered pretty...

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What are the different methods of farming????????

example::mixed farming & extensive farming. as fast as u can plzzzzzzz.


irrigation corn farming farmer joe farming

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Could alternative farming methods save modern agriculture?

Most prevalent farming method are mechanized versions of European-style systems, which cost us environmentally and economically, especially animal farming, despite how they increased more


Agriculture, like any industry, will evolve and change primarily in response to economic incentives...

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How can poor farming methods lead to overpopulation?

I don't understand, would poor farming methods not lead to underpopulation due to an increase in death rates? Please explain your answer!


hey guys posting this up for my friend. any help is highly appreciated thank you!Even if you can just...

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How does non organic methods of farming cause soil erosion?

Please could somone tell me what soil erosion is and how conventional methods of farming cause this/harm the envioronment.


Maybe your question should be why is organic farming causing soil erosion the same as conventional methods...

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All of these farming methods conserve soil EXCEPT?

All of these farming methods conserve soil EXCEPT: A. furrowing B. crop rotation C. contour plowing D. terracing In which of the following erosion processes is gravity NOT more


Contour plowing is the first and I guess dust storms is the best for the 2nd question. Gravity may not...

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What methods have been introduced in farming to increase food supply?

hey can someone pelase help me. i have science homework I have to find information on farming methods that have been introduced to increase food supply. If anyone knows any or has any more


For food crops: The crop yield in the United States is currently high, so only small to modest improvement...

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The farming methods promoted by ...?

The farming methods promoted by the California Ricelands Habitat Partnership are best described as beneficial to both farmers and wetland species because _______. a. migrating more


The California Department of Food and Agriculture Bureau of Livestock Identification is announcing a...

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Can you just help me with the the evolution of farming methods?

Just give me the methods used since the early man till now. just the methods. thank you very much. :D


The farming methods used for domestic farming are the same as it was before. Domestic farming methods...

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