Does GTA 4 PC work online?

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Gta 4 PC on a burn disk will it work?

I downloaded Gta 4 PC and burned part 1 and 2 onto a disk. The Disk Dvd R- 4.7 GB the image files had been compressed from 2.5 GBs to 1.5 each. And before installing it i want to know does it really work or is usuing the bought version better. I mean...


yeah you can copy games with the right programs. they have things in place for anti piracy though. last...

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Will GTA 4 work on my pc with this?

i have windows 7 it is 32-bit system has 4GB ram but i dont know why only 2.97GB is usable graphic card is Intel(R) G41 express chipset well this is the info i think my pc has not sure about more. is it possible for GTA 4 to work on my pc and also how...


Wont work dude, mine has same config n i hav tried it

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Force gta 4 to work on pc?

i have the pc version of gta 4 and have no computers that meet the minimum specs of the game. is it possible to force gta 4 to play on a: specs more


you are way off the requirements to play it. basically you need a whole new top of the range gaming...

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Will GTA 4 work on my pc?

i have an intel core 2 duo with 2.5 gb ram and 3.2 ghz ddr2 , and nvidia 7300gt graphic card nvidia 128-bit,will gta 4 work on my pc and will it have better graphics


It will lag even at low graphics . Just upgrade your graphic card to a nvidia geforce 9000 series and...

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how will work gta 4 on my PC?

I heard that the recomanded gta 4 PC sistem requirements are:OS: Windows XP SP2 Processor: Dual core processor (Intel Pentium D or better) RAM: 2GB Hard Drive: 18GB free hard disk more


Of course it will not run. Minimum is 2GB Ram and 512 MB RAM, but you have 256MB RAM and 1GB RAM? Come...

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Independence FM GTA 4 PC Doesn't Work?

I tried everything I could think of and find online, from, converting the music files to a different format (MP3 to WMA) , shortening the file names, pasting shortcuts into the GTA user music folder, but it still won't work. Does anyone have any suggestions...


You need to go to audio settings in game and scan your user track. Wait till the process complete (duration...

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How do i get my compaq laptop to play gta 4 pc. It should work.

I got a gta 4 for my laptop and when i play the game it runs slow and jumps about constantly it is like taking a picture every 3 seconds my laptop is fine with every other game and the make is a compaq presario cq61 and it is so annoying i bought the...


Gta4 is a pretty CPU intensive game, and the minimum GPU is an nVidia 7900. IMO it will play like heck...

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Cant get joystick to work for GTA 4 for pc?

i finally got the gta 4 game to install and i cant figure out how to connect joystick to work with the the game....when the game is on the game just spins around and around and around more


Hi,I think maybe you can try 4Videosoft DVD Ripper Platinum

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Will GTA 4 work on my PC? Please read)?

Does GTA 4 work on a 32 bit Windows Vista Home premium HD 4350 graphics card and Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00 GHz 2.00GHz


If you play at low resolution and with low graphics settings.

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Will GTA 4 work on this PC?

Hey, i'm not so good with computers but i'm gonna buy a new one- will this one play GTA 4 .. yes? no? not very well? Windows Vista® Home Basic (Operating system) Intel® more


It will work at perfection.You are so lucky with this computer.

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