Does anybody have a comic about water conservation?

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Can Anybody tell me about rain water conservation at low cost in a house ?

Dear all , I need details for rain water conservation in my house of approx,1000sq feet terrace and 3000sq ft plot area.that has to be at low cost ..


If your gutters are clear, consider rain barrels to colllect and store water. Then you use drip irrigation...

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What will it take to raise the absurdly low cost of water to California farmers to encourage greater conservation?

Fortune magazine had a recent article on water that looked at the amount of water needed to produce a cheeseburger, including the water needed to produce the individual component. 968 gallons is needed, which would cost $23 at residential rates in Atlanta...


California farmers already have to buy water property right along with their land property rights, and...

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How is it that fracking "may hold the solution of water conservation," but the Ice Bucket Challenge is somehow a significant contributor to California's water crisis?

Shirley Li reports that some people bemoan the 5 million gallons of water used in the Ice Bucket Challenge in her article "The California Drought Versus the Ice Bucket Challenge", while Brigham A. McCown argues that fracking "may hold...


Apples and oranges.  One article you cite talks about a technology to recycle wastewater (i.e., bring...

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What is the meaning, need and means of Water Conservation?

means: organizations working on Water Conservation need: what is the need of Water Conservation in Rajasthan


Seven tenths of our bodies are water, but this does not reflect our attitude to this precious natural...

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Is canada doing enough in water conservation?

What is happening around the world to support the fact that Canada, and anywhere is not doing enough water conservation and the water conservation could be much improved for the more


Canada is not doing much of anything for water conservation. Because we have so many lakes and water...

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AGAINST water conservation in Texas?

I am debating water conservation in Texas and i have to be on the opposing side, and I need at least 3 outside opinions on why we don't need any more water conservation laws in more


Good luck with that side of the debate. There's been several towns with water sources that dried up...

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Modern ways of water conservation vs. ancient ways of water conservation?

i want it urgent for for my homework.... please.....


I think, use the below link:

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Can anybody think of a catchy name for a science fair project on salt water vs. fresh water and boiling...?

Our project is about boiling salt water vs. fresh water, and why the salt water boils faster. Can anybody think of a good name for it?


a fresh new salty idea about water

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Does anybody care about their shower water pressure?

I live on the top floor in my building (6th floor), and the water pressure is low. It used to be higher but they added in the building some kind of gadget that controls the water temperature to the tenants, but in the meantime it also lowers the pressure...


I love my water pressure, now. Ilived in an old apartment with littlle pressure and a very small hot...

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