Does anyone know if America's got talent is fake?

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Anyone Know LOTS about AGT (America's Got Talent)?

I live in Colorado, and my dance crew has this little thing going on, and it's always been are dream to become pro. Some of these kids have been dreaming since they were five and under. We think America's Got Talent is our only option. (Or at least the easiest way). Anybody know when they're coming to Colorado or any state near there? We can drive, if we have to. Thanks in advance, -Tay


check their audition website,…

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Does anyone know when the auditions for americas got talent going to begin for 2012?

I really wanna audition but idk wen it starts the place close to me is los angeles to audition anyone know when or where I can look because I have tried but idk I can't find the more



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i believe the song is called "Run" by Leona Lewis. Not 100% sure, but am 95% sure that's the...

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Americas Got Talent.. Has anyone..?

On Americas got talent has anyone did an improv? a skit? acting with no singing, you know like an actress or actor ? has any one auditioned to do that. and can you do an acting skit? or improv?


SURE... and they didn't even get through the FIRST audition so they will NEVER make it into the show...

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Americas got talent!!?

I have tried several times to upload a video on youtube for americas got talent. the submission ends tonight at 11:59 PM. if its 8:00 here in arizona how much time do i have? the loading bar is completely to the end but it wont finish and says its still...


keep refreshing the page that happens to me sometimes also

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How can i sign up for Americas Got Talent?

i wanna be a singer n i wanna try out for AGT-americas got talent anyone know n i kno how to go to the website? ANY HELP!


You should be able to find audition information for that freak show ON THEIR WEB SITE. which someone...

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How do i find out when and where America's Got Talent is shooting the Las Vegas finals?

I'm taking my daughter to Vegas on July 7th thru 10th. We love the show Americas Got Talent. I know they are filming but I can't find tickets. Does anyone know where they will be filming? It must be a hotel but I don't know.


They already filmed the show in las vegas a few months ago and its only going to be live in los angeles...

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Is anyone watching americas got talent right now?

there is a group that just went i think they are veterans because i tuned in when they were saying you served your country, this is the most powerful thing we've ever seen on americas got talent. what is their group name so i can youtube it later?


jep , the guys the song pokerface OMG LOL did you hear what pears told them !?!

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it ends in late june/early july. They first need to travel, then do the las vegas thing. audition withing...

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Has anyone auditioned for Americas got Talent?

My 9 year old is going this Sunday and I just wanted to see if anyone has auditioned for this b 4? I would like some tips and suggestions on your personal experience.Thanks-& wish her good luck!


i never have...what's she doing? tell her good luck =D

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