Does anyone know if we the taxpayers are going to get a stimulus check?

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Does anyone know if we the tax payers are going to get a stimulus check?

All this talk about all the bussness getting rich off our tax money.Does anyone know if some of it will come our way. Something like what we got last year.I'm a single dad with a 15 year old. I work two jobs. I could use some of the give away. If we do get some , WHEN?


You won't get another stimulus check, but since you are working you will benefit from a tax cut, and...

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Will I still get a stimulus check if I didn't file my taxes in 07 or 08, I'm going to do it this week?

Long story short, I didn't file my taxes for the 07 or 08 years. Reason being, I filed exempt from federal tax (because of college) not realizing I made more than 8,500 in those years, so I figured I would end up owing money (I made about 20k each year...


no - you had to file on time to get those checks how could you NOT realize you were making more than...

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Did anyone get a paper stimulus check that ssn ends in 00?

Last month I got a letter from the IRS that said I will get a stimulus payment. I went online to IRS website and it said they will send my check May 16th. Now on the 12th I got a 2nd letter from the IRS and it told me how much and I should get it by...


I may be wrong but I think the letters are dated the day they cut the checks. Mine was direct deposited...

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Does anyone know what you can do if you did not receive your stimulus check?

I filed my taxes eary on in March. It's now July 30, 2008 and I have not received my stimulus check. I am going nuts! I received the first letter that said I may or may not be receiving one. But never received the second one that indicates it will arrive...


You can call the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) at 1-877-777-4778. They are an independent agency of...

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Was anyone scheduled to get their stimulus check direct deposited today and not get it?

Man, I know we're all in the same boat here as far as the economy and gas goes. So, obviously, a lot of us Americans are anxiously awaiting that stimulus check. I filed my Federal returns early, got them direct deposited. It was in there within 10 business...


I would assume everyone in the first batch would have them by now, unless your bank is super slow. Mine...

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Does anyone know if we are getting a stimulus rebate check like we did last year? If yes, then when?

I was just wondering if we were getting a check like we did last year or if the stimulus this year was all going to the tax cuts and things. And if we were getting one this year, when and where can I go to get more info on it. thanks


No. We are not. Expect your withholding to be adjusted (very) slightly starting soon (if it hasn't begun...

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For anyone who is due to get their stimulus payment by check in the mail this week..?

If you fall in the category of SS# 00-09 and you are getting you're check in the mail this coming week, is your status on saying that it is scheduled to be mailed out on May 16th? I was just wondering because they start going out in the mail...


I'm 01 and mine says it will be issued on May 16th as well.But that doesn't make sense if they moved...

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It has not passed yet. President Obama promised no earmarks will be in the proposed stimulus plan if...

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I'm going to the doctor for an electrolyte check because I'm bulimic, anyone know how much bad it will be?

What I mean by that, how much do I have to purge for them to notice a difference in my electrolytes? The check is next week, if I don't purge at all until then will they notice a difference (I purged today)? Any ideas? PS - I know bulimia is bad etcetcetcetc...


Only insecure female /b/tards are bulimic. Now go cry over Justin Bieber and Twilight.

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I heard about on the news that also. I hope so because i just found out that my job is not giving us...

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