Does anyone know where I can buy a good television online?

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Does anyone know where I can buy a good television online ...

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Does anyone know where i can buy the Paul Wellstone documentary that aired on public television?

I believe the title is "Wellstone!" not sure about the air date. I saw it on "tpt". Have looked all over, with no luck.


The DVD is available for purchase at, and there is a link on the home page to there...

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I am getting ready to buy a Sony XBR 3 LCD television. Does anyone know if a newer model is coming soon?

I do not want to purchase this tv if a newer model is getting ready to come out, but I do not want to wait long either. So if anyone knows please let me know. Thanks!!


Yes, there are newer models coming out. Check with your Sony dealer, or customer service at www.Sony...

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i see you are being told to go for brand name products, but yet when you open up the inside of many...

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Best brand of television to buy uk?

I want to buy a 32" television. I know sony are good but some a bit pricey. can anyone recommend the best brands to buy and those I should avoid. Price about £500 tops. thanks


The best brands are Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, LG, and Toshiba. Hitachi in the UK is actually...

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Does anyone sell a hand held portable digital television? I had a 2.5 inch analog (useless after Feb19, 2009)

I lent out my old portable 2.5 inch television. I would like to buy a new portable, hand held television, but of course it needs to be a digital for obvious reasons. All signals will be sent digital after Feb. 19, 2009. Up to a 9 inch screen would be...


I don't think it matters if its not hooked up to cable.

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Does anyone know if there is any coupons or offers for any sex toys for men or can anybody buy me one please!?

foreal I know I do need to get a life and blah blah blah and I should get a real girl, but just don't answer if thats what your going to say because I already know and I just want to know if anyone knows any offers for sex toys or coupons or anything...


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Avon buy sell? Do you want to buy Avon at a discount? or know anyone who sells?

I have a ton of various Avon Christmas and bath and body products stocked up from the Christmas Hoildays & I noticed that a few people answering questions here asked where to buy. I have alot !!! & I have to pay my rep's bill so I need to get...


There are some Yahoo groups where Avon Reps sell there overstocked items, you can try those. Also, try...

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