Feeling sick, but I don't know what it's from?

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I don't know what am i feeling?

i'm 15, boy, and i am feeling worthless for some time already.I just want to separate myself from everyone, but when I'm by myself I just go crazy with anxiety.At school, i just started it few weeks ago and i hate it, but I do study. I can't remember what used to make me happy before.I miss old friends, we rarely talk now and i don't know what to do.I feel that no one cares about me/Can you help me???


Dude I used to feel the same way! I thought it was just me. I had that feeling for about a year and...

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I dont know what wrong with me! feeling sick!!!! medical professionals please!?

Hey so about 3 days ago I have been feeling sick/not as hungry and tired. today I woke up and felt HORRIBLE! I feel so sick and my stomach feels funny. I have also been going to bed early and i still wake up exhausted! I slept for 9 hours last night...


Fawk school, get your lil but to the emergency room RIGHT NOW! And if your parents wont take you go...

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I've been feeling sick for nearly 2 weeks and dont know what to do. Does anyone know what i should do?

So i've been getting these really bad head aches, been getting really dizzy and stomach pains like feeling like im gonna throw up. This has been happening for almost 2 weeks. I don't know what it is and need help for what to do. Can anyone help plzz...


That could be a number of things. Yes, it's best to see your doctor. That being said, terrible headache...

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My dog was feeling sick and in a matter of 8 hours she was dead.I dont know what happened?

She vomitted once and had the diharia once also. She was acting weak and not with it. I called the vet and he said that she probably ate something bad, and she'd get over it. I believed him and gave her gaterade to help hydrate her. Also she was breathing...


Have you upset any neighbors? Sounds like rat poison wrapped in bacon.

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Have been feeling quite depressed lately. and dont know what to do/ who to turn to...please help?

well, to begin off, i am a 17 year old male who amung alot of people, noone really looks up to me or helps me out or anything really. i've had alot of things happen to me in my life and at times there were things thawere happening then, and then things...


You are describing the need for a counselor. Why would you be afraid to talk to one, that is what they...

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Ive been feeling empty inside for years... i dont know what to do.. PLEASE HELP!?

Im 23m. I constantly feel like i have nothing going for myself and i dont see myself succeed in the future. I see myself failing at everything i do, and i try to do many things. I guess you can say i'm a "jack of all trades but a master of none...


You've really put yourself in a box. Read your first paragraph over again: "I constantly feel like...

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What should i do? pls guys help i am not well i think..i am new to this feeling and i dont know how to react?

i am mostly not getting what is happening to me.. i have cmpleted my graduation and after lottts of try i am atlist haf way wat i wnated..this is happening to me since last 10 days..i am not feeling like going out.,i was having fever 10 days back but...


First of all your not going down the path of suicide unless you decide to go that way. Am interested...

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Feeling lost in my life. Dont know what to do?

I got married to the person whom I loved sincerely for 4 years. We have gone through hell lot of problems. His parents didnt accept. But finally my parents took all responsibilities and got insulted a lot by his parents and finally his parents accepted...


Go and join in any Ashram.

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Been feeling sick dont know why please help! ASAP?

I ahve been feeling sick for 3 weeks now. I been stressed out and I am a worrier. I worry about every little thing. I been stressed out about graduation and alot of family and personal problems.I haven been feeling neausous all the time, I feel like...


When you get stressed your/ people's immune system's in general are weaker meaning you have more chances...

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I lost my girlfriend i just dont know what to do i still care but i hate feeling this way what should i do?

well i lost my girlfriend she left me apparently i was to sweet to her and it made her feel uncomputable but i dont understand that but she likes another guy to......and theres another reason that she hasnt told me what it is i know her feeling will...


Respect her decision and move on to someone more mature...

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