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Flip video camera keeps loosing space?

ok so i uploaded all my flip videos to my computer(mac) and then unplugged my camera. when i turned it on it said 40seconds of free space when there is no videos on the camera anymore. what should i do. thanks


Hey I had this trouble too. You can reset your camera with a bent paper clip in the tiny hole inside...

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Yes, it will create more space. It will because, when you delete something on eather a camera, cam corder...

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Like the 60-minute version, the Mino comes equipped with 2GB of memory, capable of storing 60 minutes...

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How do upload a video I took on my digital camera onto my space?

I filmed a short video of myself playing guitar on my digital camera using a 2gig memory card, how do i upload this video onto my space, I need to know the correct formats and programs to eithr shrink the video, cut it shorter, or to reformat it, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase...


Best place on yahoo to answer this question and others relating to video is AMATEUR VIDEO EDITING. Read...

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What camera/lens are they using for video of the Space Shuttle as it's ascending?

I've wondered for a long time what kind of zoom lens they are using for video shots of the space shuttle as it begins it's journey into space. It must be extremely powerful as they continue to get fairly tight shots even minutes after launch and miles...


It looks like a 14" SCT telescope with a video camera attached on a motorized computer controlled...

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In a digital camera of 1080p can i shoot video in 720p to save space ?

so that the video lenght is longer in 720p, is such option available in a digital camera ?


This depends on your camera. If that option is available, then you can do it.

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Digital Camera Memory Chip- Lots of Video Space. Please Help?

I'm going to Australia in a couple weeks and I'm gonna need enough memory on my digital camera to take a crap load of videos. So if you can point me in the right direction on what size, brand, type, and price range to go to that would be incredibly helpful...


Hi Amanda, If you are going on a long trip - which this sounds like - do not skimp on cheap memory cards...

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I need a cheap head video camera for a sponsored space hopper trek. Any suggestions?

Basically it will be around my head for a few hours while I bounce on a space hopper through the town. Sound isn't amazingly important but it would be nice if it at least played back speech (I've heard low quality ones have a really irritating sound...


If the go pro is in your budget it would be a good choice.

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My email won't allow me to email a short video taken from my camera, only pictures how can i get more space??

I can only send pictures to email recipents but can';t send short video's to email recepient not sure what to do?


This is tricky,.. ohh the factors. Some e-mail providers won't let things come in. Yahoo! Mail Uploading...

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I have a video that's on my camera how can i put it on my space?

i tried but it upload very slow then a little note pop up saying that an error has occurred what can i do i need the code for my video~~~


need to save it on your computer and make sure it is formatted in a way allowed on youtube.

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