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How do I change my yahoo domain to the same ID on a different yahoo domain (.com)?

I have accidentally created my address on domain, and I want to change it, to use the same ID on domain. Is it possible? As soon as I reserved address, the same ID became unavailable on, so I figured that if...


I have just tried to create a new account using the same details as my account in a .com domain...

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I have a yahoo id but an email, how do I change it to a yahoo email addy?

My yahoo id is kateslegacy, and when I try to set up a free yahoo account it tells me that the email addy/yahoo id is taken... well yeah, it's mine. When I log in to yahoo as kateslegacy it directs me to my email account. I'm unable to...


I don't think that you can change the ending that is the same problem I had and couldn't change it

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I changed my ID in yahoo groups and need to know how to change it back please.?

OK, I own a group in yahoo groups. I had set up a new file to send to pending members. I wanted to see if it would work so I signed out with that ID and signed in with my business ID and tried to join the group to see if the file would send properly...


Have the new ID make the old ID an owner then delete the new ID from the group. Also don't forget to...

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Your question is not clear to me but you can do this: Go to Messenger, My Contact Details and where...

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How way if i wanna change my YAHOO ID ? please help me to change my yahoo ID.?

i wanna change my yahoo ID from to


Can't change it unless you get a new account.You can get another one along with that one.Click on options...

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How to change id from '''' to ''''?

*Consider my present yahoo e-mail id as ''''. *How can I change my e-mail id to ''''. *Kindly note that nothining else should be changed EXCEPT '''' TO ''''


what all u need to do is to while ask for country while u r making ur email account fill it with usa...

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Yahoo id of group owner locked - how to change owner?

Last year, there was this time when most of my friends including my yahoo id's was locked - we tried logging in with our regular yahoo id and pw, but it didn't work. Eventually, I had to forfeit my id. I created another id and since we had couple of...


there are 9 privileges available to a moderator and one of them can change them, check your members...

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My ID on yahoo messenger showing one of my friend ID not mine,how can I change in to my ID?

On yahoo messenger when I log on does not show my ID shows one of my add on friend ID. How can I change to my name?


sign it out completely, and enter your own ID with the correct password to overlap the previous account...

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How can I change into

I tried hard but just couldn't do it. I can change the chinese language into English ,but still can't change it into a real Yahoo! mail. You know is not safe.But I don't want to open a new a account. Anyone knows please tell me...


The function you are requesting is not supported. Once you have signed up for an international Yahoo...

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How can I change my first name and last name of my Yahoo email ID?

I want to change my first name and last name of my yahoo ID.But how? I do not like my last name and so I want to change it.I do not want to create a new ID.With this ID,how can I change it? If I click my account,I can change my password and not my last...


once you have given these details they cannot be changed,unfortunately if you want to change it then...

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