Has anyone been on student exchange in another country?

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There are hundreds of thousands of safe areas in both countries. Even in large cities there are safe...

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Student Exchange?? (Where you go to another country living with another family while in high school)?

Has anyone here ever done student exchange? (where u go to another country for about a year and live with a host family) How was it? Please reply with details such as: -How long did you go for? -Where did you go? -How much did it cost? I’m considering...


Well check out this website u will find related stuff in it. http://studies-abroad.com Casper

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Has anyone been an exchange student or know anyone who has been one?

I am going to see my councelor again this year about being an exchange student because I am serious about doing it. (school starts monday) Well I just want to know if anyone has some personal experiences of being one..or knows anyone? Im 15 and I want...


Hi! Congratulations on a great idea! While I've not been an exchange student, I've been hosting and...

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Has anyone been a foreign exchange student in Australia?

Has anyone been a foreign exchange student in Australia? If so, did you enjoy your trip? Would you recommend staying there to other people, or another country? I'm considering staying there for this summer or next and would like some input on how people...


Hey there, I live in Australia, It depends really on where you're wanting to stay. There is a state...

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How hard is it to be a foreign exchange student?

So, there's this girl in my art class from Germany, and I've always thought it would really really cool if I could be a foreign exchange student in another country for maybe half a year to a year. It would have to be an English speaking country, because...


Hey. Im from New Zealand and just got back from doing a studnet exchange in Brazil... Being a student...

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High school student exchange?

I live in the U.S., and I would really like to become an exchange student in another country. I'm interested in Europe, but I think Australia/New Zealand or South America would also be fun. Are there any countries in particular you would recommend, in...


Rotary and AFS are by far the best programs out there. I see you didn't mention AFS so here's a link...

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Exchange student my senior year?

I am really interested in being an exchange student in Germany. Unfortunately I decided this too late to apply my junior year, but I definitely want to do it my senior year still. I really don't care about missing out on my senior year, I'll already...


As long as you don't mind missing out on your high school senior year experiences, I would say go for...

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How do you become an exchange student?

I love the whole idea of going to another country , and learning, i think its great. I just dont understand how it works. i live in vancouver, does anyone know how it works? do you have to pay? .. i dont understand it at all. But i would love to be an...


Normally you apply through the exchange program of your home university - I did my degree in Australia...

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Host family for foreign exchange student in Japan?

Anyways, I am curious so anyone who has ever been a a host family, or a foreign exchange student who lived with one, please answer. I am thinking of not going to Japan during High school because I want to spend this time in Canada, but I want to apply...


When it comes to foreign exchanges, it usually depends on the school you go to. The easiest way to do...

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Foreign Exchange Student Questions?

This might be a little bit long.. but please read because I really need to know these things: So, I mentioned to my family a couple months ago that it would be fun to be a foreign exchange student because I like adventures and things like that. I also...


If you are not comfortable then don't go. You may be too young. Personally, I would wait till I was...

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