How Can I Get Started As A Freelance Web Developer?

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How to Become a Freelance Web Developer - Envato Tuts+ ...

... into the life of a freelance web developer ... how to be a disciplined web developer. Many developers start out ... a freelance worker can do is ...

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How can a web developer get started with Photoshop? Any books/tutorials/resources to recommend?

I am a web developer who am keen to learn how to make assets for those buttons (w/ normal, hover, active states), icons, mockups and etc. I looked up online for tutorials, there aren't many specific to web apps. Are there any books/tutorials/resources...


Check out sites like or, download the files, and then reverse...

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The key is to start slow, find a way to track your productivity, and make sure your boss is comfortable...

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How can an experienced web developer get started with Affiliate Marketing?

I have tried to read and learn about it but most of theblogs/websites seems to be more interested in selling their stuff rather than teaching this art. Is there any good forum like stackoverflow for affiliate marketing where I can get all my stupid question...


To answer your main question, why not do the following: Think about things you're interested in/passionate...

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As an intermediate level web developer, if I want to learn algorithms to the extent enough to confidently answer interview questions related to the same, where do I get started and how much should I cover for starters?

I know this is a language independent question but in case it would help better to answer the question if the programming language is specified and if that's the language I'm trying to make a career out of at least for the next few years atleast, it...


When I am curious about an algorithm, I implement it. My goal is understanding, not production quality...

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To start web designing user must have the knowledge of basics. Must  be aware about HTML/CSS, PHP language...

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Where do I get started as an amateur web developer?

I downloaded Visual Basic, Visual Web Developer and WebMatrix combined with Joomla, and each of those came with a dozen other programs. Which one should I use?  I am a beginner.  I know nothing.


As a web developer don't use any of those unless you're confortable with them. HTML and CSS, as Michelangelo...

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How do I discuss my web history in front-end web developer interviews?

I'm a new grad of an online coding school, and I'm preparing for job interviews in front-end web development in Portland, OR. My hobbyist web work experience dates back to the mid-1990s, and I'd like to discuss this work in interviews, but the subject...


"Websites dealing with musical, political, and lifestyle subcultures." Or something like that...

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Is it possible to get a job as a Web developer with only a knowledge of HTML and CSS and no JavaScript?

The reason I'm asking  this question is that, I've seen some developer resumes online with no mention of Javascript. Many of them work for top companies. So I was wondering if its possible to get started as a web developer in some company with these...


You can learn the fundamentals of JS for free at sites like this one. Never too late to start!

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Trying to help a complete beginner get their bearings in web development

A relative is already a technical person (masters in electrical engineering) who is trying to switch careers and get into web development. I'm looking for good resources to get her up to speed on the building blocks of web dev. A bit of an odd case....


Send her to this: BentoBox: everything you need to know about web development, neatly packaged

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