How Long Will USPS Shipping take?

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How long will it take for USPS Priority Shipping from California to New York?

Ordered jeans from a designer company in california. Laguna Beach Jean Co. They said it was priority shipping and it was shipped on the 28th of march. I have the tracking it updated on march 29th 9:57 pm saying "Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility...


Why do you ask in the TRAVEL section ? Only USPS can answer your question, so phone them and ask.

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How long will it take USPS Standard Shipping to ship?

Well i've just ordered something from Los Angeles, CA, and i want it to ship to Dearborn, Michigan how long will it take till it comes. By the way it is usps standard shipping. more


check the customer service website of either the company from which you ordered or USPS -both will give...

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How long will it take for my package to get here , Priority shipping (USPS)?

My item was shipped priority today, I'm in Philadelphia and my package is coming from New York, anyone have any idea of how long it might take?


The average delivery time for Priority Mail is 2-3 days nationwide. So, it should take from 2-3 days...

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How long does usps shipping from CA to PA take?Will i get my package for christmas?

It was shipped parcel/package services on the 14th, departed bell gardens, CA on the 16th. It's now the 21st, and still has not been updated. I'm obviously not getting it today, and i doubt tomorrow. How many days does it take to get from bell gardens...


|You definitely should get it by christmas most likely you may get it tomorrow. The 19th was last day...

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If i live in Florida how long will it take a shipment from jamaica,ny to arrive to me..with USPS shipping...?

its also first class,im just so exited just wanted to ak~i hear usps is **** so im scared too >...<


at least a week

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How long does USPS Shipping time take?

I've bought something off of, and the website uses the USPS postal service. I'm sill waiting for the website to process my order, which would take about 2 days. I live in Jacksonville, FL so how long would USPS take to deliver it to me? Thanks...


When it is shipped they will send you an email with the expected date of delivery. I you pay for express...

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How long does usps expediated shipping take?

I bought something online and it said its going to be shipped expediated shipping by usps. Its coming from almost a 2 day car drive away. And now its getting real close to christmas. So how long do u think it would take? If it gets shipped tomorrow would...


If they send it Priority Mail, it should get to you in two or three days. So long as the seller actually...

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How long does expedited shipping via usps take? (10 points) ?

I ordered a netbook online on monday night and it was shipped tuesday expedited shipping. How long will it take to get to my house? Also It is being shipped from new jersey and I live in long island NY?


You would likely receive it tomorrow or Thursday. There is no such class of mail or class of service...

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How long should shipping take on USPS?

I ordered a satellite part almost 10 days ago, i ordered standard shipping. And about 4 or 5 days ago they sent me an email saying they were shipping it out that day. How long should it take to get here? Im checking the mail everyday, but nothing.


USPS does not have an option called "Standard Shipping" You may want to contact the seller...

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How long does USPS ground shipping take from US to Canada take?

i ordered to longboards from New jersey and on the tracking info it says it left New Jersey on the 29th of september and i just want to know how long it might take to ship The tracking info says its in Canada Customs so i was wondering how much longer...


It should take 7 to 10 days but it is often longer depending on who brokers the delivery. http://www...

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