How Many Days And Sleeps Till Christmas?

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How many days until Christmas Day?

How many days until Christmas Day? ... Days until Christmas; Days until New Years; Days until Easter; Days until Good Friday; Days until Halloween; Days until Spring;

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43 days and the amount of sleeps depends on how often you sleep.

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Days, I never heard of counting down sleeps for anything until my late teens (I know - sheltered upbringing...

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Christmas Present Ideas For A 15 Year Old Guy(More Details Inside)?

Okay, so I've never been a good gift giver. EVER. Well, its 5 days til Christmas, and I get to see my boyfriend then. I need help getting him a good present. He likes: *Sports(he plays football and baseball) *Music(Metal mostly; some Hip-Hop/Rap) *Sleeping...


you could get him itunes money ummmmm maybe a video game or something. sorry if i did nothing to help...

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Gifts for the Twelve Days of Christmas?

My sister needs help coming up with gift ideas for the twelve days of Christmas! Asking on behalf of my sister! Her fiance has been having a rough couple months and she wants to do something special to brighten the lead up to Christmas. Her idea is to...


You can probably get them somewhere near you - Tim Tams, the australian biscuit, come in packets of...

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Where can i find the version of the song "12 days of christmas" from the movie "12 dates of christmas"?

Theres this movie from the 25-day christmas special on ABC called "12 dates of christmas" with Amy Smart, theres this song, a hip hop version of 12 days of christmas, does any one knows where can it be found? maybe for buying, downloading or...


Looks like the only place would be to take the video you have and rip it and separate the audio. I could...

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The 12 days of christmas?

I am making a new version of the 12 days of Christmas for the Zombie Apocalypse and I am stuck on the third day. So far I have: On the first day of Christmas, The zombies gave to me, My family trying to eat me! On the second day of Christmas, The zombies...


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, my family trying to eat me! On the second day...

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80 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Are the liberals the army of Grinches who are trying to steal it?

"The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought." The fact that atheists view Christmas with disdain is not astonishing, since they've attempted to remove the phrase "under God...


I like Christmas. . . it makes me a jolly good fellow I like Christmas. . . it helps me unwind and sometimes...

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Christmas is only about 50 days away. What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I would one day love to have a white Christmas. Christmas mean to mean Friends and family around. Kids especially open there present so more


family, shopping for the perfect gifts, twinkeling lights,good food, presents (yes i do love presents...

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Does israel celebrate the christmas or give these days as vacations for their workers as hannukah?

is in israel Hanukkah days off? for workers or they don't have vacations of winter? like christmas vacations are until the new year.. I know the new year in israel is celebrated in september. I would like to know the months in the judaism or hebrew well...


Since the Jewish and Gregorian calendar are different, holidays almost always don't coincide. Jewish...

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