How To Apply Themes In Galaxy Young?

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I use samsung galaxy y and tried to apply new theme but it ...

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download any launcher from the market like adw launcher and u can get themes for it

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How to remove themes and apps from Galaxy y?

I am a woner if samsang galaxy y. I was install a theme, but now I want to remove the theme but i cant. Please someone help me. How can i remove the theme, also the applications i installed. Please Please give me a reply as soon as you can.


hi dude go to the app u want to un install ....keep pressing that icon till the time options pop out...

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Try downloading Go Laucher EX, Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher, 360 Launcher, or HeLaucher. Most of these...

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Themes for Samsung Galaxy Gio?

Nice themes ?… Which theme i should use on my gio ?


Black Colour Theme

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Where can I get full themes for free for Samsung Galaxy SII?

Just got this phone, and I'm already bored of the layout and the keyboard just isn't good enough. I'd like to get some full themes that are easy to download and install that won't harm my phone, and any for iPod Touch 4G if poss (it is jailbroken). My...


search on and

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Can i install 3d themes in samsung galaxy y .and fit ?

plzzz tell me cann i do this as i planning to nuy this phone so can i install n use themes on the phone as used on sony ericson n nokia phones ..


well i believe u can coz the site here has some 3d wall and themes to download for galaxy http://www...

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There are certain apps that allow you to change the theme of your phone (there called "launchers...

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Firpgalaxy tab themes?

Okay. So I have a galaxy tab 10.1. The other day I was in best buy checking out the galaxy tabs just for the heck of it. And I noticed that the clock in the bottom right was a different font. I kept playing with it and noticed the entire look was different...


There are no available themes to install.... Good luck!

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