How To Create A Wap Site For Free?

Let’s learn how To Create A Wap Site For Free. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You want to provide a Wireless Access Point with rich media ? Sure, why not. Nearly anything is possible...

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How do i get phone information like imei, phone model, number of cell phone accessing the wap/wml site?

i am trying to create a wap/wml site that offers mobile contents such as ringtone and themes to the users via their cellphones. I need to know what their cellphone model is, their imei and their phone number, so i will eb able to send them the correct...


You must analyze HTTP headers of requests. There is a lot of interesting information in them. For example...

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How to create a website & earn from it?

I want to create a website for mobile phones. And I want to earn from that. I’m almost a novice. Please help me. I want to create a Wap site too. Is there any free web or wapsite more


check out this:

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How to create a "classified advertisement" web site?

I would like to develop a web site to host classified advertisements. This site would allow users to enter an advertisement (e.g., text plus image) via a web page and have the advertisement posted on the web site. There would need to be a mechanism to...


Hi, Well this one is right up my alley, thanks for dropping in an asking it, there's quite a bit to...

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How to create a new jQuery UI theme based on a (non-jQuery UI) web site?

I'm a software developer, not a web designer. I use jQuery UI and pick one of the predefined themes when I create a web application. What's the easiest way to create a new theme (using ThemeRoller) that will look similar to (in terms of colors) an existing...


There are a number of complimentary color generators available. I've used this one and here's a link...

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What are the necessary tools to create a WordPress based news site?

hello experts, I'd like to create a new wordpress site. The web will be like a news based site. I don't know what are the tools, what are necessary to create like that. I'd like to create a site like this one. Attachment: Channel Agami What would be...


To create a wordpress news site you need a hosting account and a domain name. Best hosting and domain...

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What is the best and simplest way to create multi-user blogging site?

I would like to create a blogging site. Not just a blog on my site or start a blog on a blogging site but i want to allow visitors to sign up and log in to my site and create/edit a blog. nothing crazy this is just for learning purposes. What would be...


Use wordpress. It can be configured for multiple users. It can be configured from http://YOURBLOGSITE...

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HELP ME HELP ME!!! I have my web site hosted with Homestead. It was easy to register and create my web site?

with Homestead, however being HTML based, there services very limited for what I want my site to do. Recently, I've justed created a new domain name and paying for monthly hosting with Daily Razor for a PHP based site. I am very unfamiliar with Daily...


your best way to go is It is the best of everything you are looking for...

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help me create my site!

help me get my Web site up and running through Verio... Hi - I'm new to Web sites and have never put one up. I have registered my domain name with verio and paid for hosting through verio too. I have the Windows Basic hosting package. Their "easy...


Hire a starving college student to (a) make you something simple and (b) show you how to change/maintain...

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Republicans create fake Obamacare site to deceive Californians. What do you think of this misleading site & it's makers?

The real ACA Obamacare website is called The fake Republican site is called and is being touted as a “resource guide.” However, at the side of the page, there are links that lead to false or misleading...


That is despicable to say the least. They have no morals. Who is their God?

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