How To Download Apps Using Galaxy Young?

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GalaxSim Unlock - Android Apps on Google Play

Instant and permanent Sim unlock for Samsung Galaxy devices ... Install. Easily sim unlock ... This app is SIM unlocking your SAMSUNG phone using genuine ...

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Can't Update or Download Apps on play store (using Samsung Galaxy S5)?

Whenever I try to update any app the play store asks me to enable backround data and sends me to synch my google account after I do that nothing happens. I have tried going to more


I would say try doing it over a stable wifi, sync only becomes unavailable when your network is providing...

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What are the ways to extend Galaxy S II storage for downloading more apps?

Hello everyone, I have been using my Samsung Galaxy S II for almost a year. Its storage is 12 GBs, no memory card. I have downloaded a couple of android applications from PlayStore. Since a week ago, everytime I  would try to either update or download...


I had similar problems with mine. I still am not clear with the layering of the storage under Android...

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Can I use an Android Phone without a phone service and still download apps?

In a couple months I will get my dad's Samsung Galaxy Victory and I was wondering if instead on joining a plan and using it as a phone could I just use WIFI and download apps and more


depends on your phone some need a sim card to do anything

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Using samsung galaxy tab as a phone?

i want to make and receive calls using my galaxy tab. what apps do i have to download to be able to do this



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Unable to download apps frm android market using my phon..?

Im using samsung galaxy pop or u can call it galaxy mini or s-55570 Im not able to download any app frm themarket using my phon..facing dis prob since 2 daYs im using my phon itself for download..n using wifi router..suggest me


What kind of error are you getting? Please visit the link for more help Thank You Wahid

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What is the best website to download apps for samsung galaxy ace?

I just got a samsung galaxy ace and im looking to download some apps for it. In particular games like fifa, need for speed, ect. I just want to know what is the best site (preferably a mobile site, but not fussed) to download these apps from. I have...


go into the google play store on your phone and select games.

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Where and how to download free apps for my Samsung Galaxy Young phone?

i just got my new phone ; Samsung Galaxy Young and now i want to download games or apps.i don't how to download to my phone and where to find apps or games which are free.btw the phone is Android Gingerbread.something like that.


There are plenty of free ones on Android Market that comes with the phone. Don't expect to run some...

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If i download an apps for iPad can i use it transfer it to my galaxy tab and use it?

i'm planning to download an apps called MC3 for iPad, cause i can't find any for galaxy tab, can i play it in my galaxy tab?



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How could i download free apple apps to my ipod touch with out using an account.?

How could i download free apple apps to my ipod touch with out using an account. I'm currently using a wi-fi network but when i download the appp it askes me for my username and more


easy answer just jailbreak your ipod with quikpwn22.2 and then go to cydia and add the source http/...

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