How To Download Games For Samsung Galaxy Ace?

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Question about iPhon & Samsung galaxy S or Ace?

hello i wanted to know if every game that i can play on the iPhon i can play on the one of 2 phons (samsung galaxy s or ace) so if this is true plz tell me if the games in this site can be match on the samsung galaxy(s or ace) and if the game ''angry birds'' can be match on samsung galaxy if this is true plz attached me the link of the site i can download the game ''angry birds'' to the samsung galaxy thanks on advance!


I am a user of I phone , I haven't use galaxy but I know there is angry birds for samsung galaxy too...

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Answer:… please answer this

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use gameboid lite, it's mobile version of gba

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What is the best website to download apps for samsung galaxy ace?

I just got a samsung galaxy ace and im looking to download some apps for it. In particular games like fifa, need for speed, ect. I just want to know what is the best site (preferably a mobile site, but not fussed) to download these apps from. I have...


go into the google play store on your phone and select games.

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I'm thinking about buying a samsung galaxy ace?

Okay so I'm thinking about buying myself a samsung galaxy ace, I don't really know much about the phone at all, I'm just sick of blackberry's and can't afford an IPhone, and I just wanted to know these things about the phone... Does this phone have AIM...


Ok, well there are definitely better phones out there, this one is a year old. It will be a low-mid...

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How can i download free games to samsung galaxy y thru my pc?

i don't know how to install or download free games from my pc to my samsung galaxy y phone. my samsung phone doesn't have internet connection so i'd like to know if there's any way to download free games thru my pc instead. Somebody told me it's possible...


Samsung galaxy y is android phone,on your pc search on Google games for Samsung galaxy y, then u down...

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What is the best way to download offline Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy Ace?

I have Google Maps version 6.0.0 on my Samsung Galaxy Ace. How can I download offline Google Map on my mobile ... ?


You can very easily save a portion of Google maps which should not be more than 50 by 50 km in area...

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May be This blog help you

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How do i download music onto my new Samsung galaxy ace?

I downloaded the app "double twist player" and it said it sent me an email to download on my "PC" but i never got one... i just got the phone yesterday so im pretty sure it should be updated.. so i was wondering how to do it? Thanks...


just google double twist, go to their site, download their software. Plug your phone in, mount your...

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How do you download videos om Samsung Galaxy Ace?

I want to download Youtube videos on my phone but I don't know how. Help? Thanks in advance. ^_^


Well, here are lot many of the App available on Android Market which in a free to use using which one...

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