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How can we get recorded video lectures of the best IIT JEE ...

You can get IIT Pace lectures on Youtube . They have a channel.Subscribe if you want. Also Shiva Sashidaran has said about Mahesh Tutorial's Lakshya.

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Single digit rank needs perfect understanding and a genius or lots of practice. I think Feynman lectures...

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What inspired you to get into IIT or crack the JEE?

I have mostly heard stories of people who wanted to improve their financial condition and live better lives than their parents crack the JEE. It is in search of a better life that they get into an IIT. Some take it as personal challenge to crack the...


I am born and brought up in Kota, hence you can understand the kind of hullabaloo that I saw around...

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What should I do if I missed the top 20 percentile on the IIT-JEE for the Karnataka board by 2 marks, and I want to take the JEE-MAINS and Advance 2015 to get into IISC?

i planned on giving jee 2015 (got 18k rank this year ) but there is no  improvement exam in my board so i cannot do my btech in iit thanks to  mr.kapil sibal !!i am a workaholic! i have decided i am going to give  jee mains and advanced 2015 to get to...


I am not sure if this is possible, but you should check if you can give exams from an open school to...

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How much marks do i need to get in jee to get CSE in IIT KGP/K/B/D?

How much rank do i need to get in general category to get CSE through OBC in IIT KGP  or IIT kanpur or IIT Bombay or IIT delhi


You should be in top 500 atleast (with OBC) to get into the branches you desire. Marks vary from year...

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In which site of yours can we be provided khan academy's video lectures for IIT JEE Entrance Examination?

provide video lectures for physics for the preparation of IIT JEE Enterance Examination


Khan Academy is for learning Physics. Not Physics for IITJEE. Stop learning subjects to crack exams...

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If you left coaching because you felt it didn't benefit you , I find no reason for you to join a coaching...

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I got 7157 rank in IIT JEE 2010. Can i get any branch in IIT's only. Pls reply ...i will be thankful to you?

I want to take admission in IIT only with any branch not in ISM or IT-BHU and my rank is 7157....will i get any branch at any IIT at this rank


Ofcourse you will be able to get into the IITs with 7157 rank !..but'll have to go to the...

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What is iit-jee ?how can i prepare for this ?how can i get a rank that is rank one? what are the needs?

i am xi student and going to xii after one month i live in bhubaneswar the capital of orissa there no good coahing institute here i did not know the perfect way for it i have no specific guidiance from any one i am too much lack of concepts in physics...


IIT-JEE is an entrence exam to get into one of the 7 IIT's ( worlds 3rd most admirable ) across India...

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Which are the important topics in iit-jee entrance to get max marks.?

iam preparing for iit-jee entrance .but i don`t have much time so i wanna study most important topics in all three subjects.iam first of my college but i wanna score more marks in iit-jee there are only four months but till now i prepared nothing .how...


physics: mechanics electricity and magnetism chemistry: organic--study only those mechanisms given in...

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