How To Get Product Key For Sygic?

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Forgotten Product Code ? – Sygic Support

Forgotten Product Code ? If you lost the email containing your product code, ... Sygic. About; Jobs; Press; Products. GPS Navigation; Family; E-shop; Support. Contact ...

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You can get the product code for the sygic from:P

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What is the angle to take for a new product idea in order to get from the manufacturer, to the product vendor and end-user?

So I am working on manufacturing for my new product which I have a prototype for and have used in focus groups in my industry. I have received great feedback from the focus groups. I am now ready to pull the trigger and move forward. My question is what...


Hi Jeff you are right... I am new to this and am learning about business and product whole sale little...

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Recently I bought a product from Flipkart, but I got a defective product. Will I get a refund of courier charges for sending the product back?

Recently i bought a product(Mobile& cost ₹8535) from flipkart but  got defective product, and flipkart guys arranged me a replacement.                                                                               I have returned old  product...


BlueDart demanded Rs.2059 and you paid? Even if it include insurance charges, courier charges cannot...

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How do you get into the field of product design without a master's degree?

What are the specific skills needed to become a product design consultant? I'm currently a 23 year old Mechanical Engg. Graduate with 2 years of programming work experience and I'm planning to switch to Product Designing. Right now I have applied for...


I finished my Masters in Product Design and am now a product designer. But before i gave CEED ( common...

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Get product info from barcodes--home inventory

Q: Translate barcodes to full product info. Where/what are products, databases, or services (including online) that can take barcodes, original or in ASCII digits form, and return product info, rather than just barcode images? Background/explanation...


Hi merlin_ch_goo, There are two programs that will make your project a whole lot easier - the hardest...

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Can i get someone to make my product, if so who? =D?

Hi, I have an idea for a fitness bars product and fitness supplement business, but I can't make the product myself I've just got the idea. So can i get someone to make the product if I tell them exactly what I want or do i need to make the product myself...


your best bet is to source manafacturers direct from china :) take a look at alibaba.

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I often read that when it comes to startups launching a product the best method is to get a product out fast and optimize later. But what are the things you need to have nailed out of the gate?

I see the logic in getting a product out fast and optimizing later. You can make adjustments based on how your users interact and use the product, feedback and error reporting. But what are the elements of your product that you need to have nailed when...


There are different schools of thought on this but I'm an advocate of the Lean UX approach â€&...

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I have a product with real users I had been working on part time. How can I get help with fine tuning the Pitch Deck before presenting to Angels?

I was recently introduced to a major VC firm. However, I do not feel ready with the current state of my pitch. I am looking for guidance from someone who is an investor or has raised money themselves to help find tune the pitch to turn this into a real...


Well it looks like a great start ! You don't say enough on the product : it's pretty different if you...

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I have an idea for a new product, how do I get started?

I was recently looking for a product in stores and online that I figured would be available to buy, after weeks of looking I have found products that are a little similar to what I am looking for but did not do the job as good as my homemade one. Everyone...


license your idea to other companies. create a simple prototype. protect your idea with a provisional...

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