How To Increase Beam Internet Speed?

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Beam cable internet connection how to increase download speed ???

im beam cable user and the download speed is deadly slow 6-11kbps but there are some tricks (i searched in google ) that promise to increase speed but its not happening......... the trick is while the download starts log off the 24 online client then the speed will increase to 200-400 kbps but its not happening can anyone tell me some other tricks or provide more information on the same trick to increase my download speed


There are no "tricks" that will magically boost your internet speed. Why, if getting faster...

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Help Increase Internet Connection Speed... Extra Points?

Heres my problem, Unfortunately for one more year i am stuck with bell sympatico and have to deal with there internet.. where i live they tell me that the fastest internet that i can get is 6mps, so that is what i have. The thing is i have two computers...


Apart from having sufficient RAM and processing speed below are the few tips to deal with slow internet...

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How do I increase my internet speed on a wireless network in a guest house?

My home currently has a working wireless network but I would like to incorporate a neighboring guest house into it (approx. 200 ft away). Using a laptop I've checked and I currently get 2-3/5 bars connection at the guest house and running a speed test...


Think in terms of what is technically going on there. A wireless router has a wireless radio inside...

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Internet speed increase with CAT6 cable?

I'm looking to increase the speed of my internet connection and I found out that since I am using old CAT5 cables, my speed may be lacking. Here is the current structure of my network. There is a Windstream modem connected to an ASUS RT-N56U wireless...


No, no, no. That's not how it works. Consider this analogy. You are like an owner of a car that has...

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How to increase internet connection speed?

Ok so I have asked a question about this before, but it is still an issue. Our internet provider just gave us a free $150 router to replace our old one ($65) because it was so slow we couldn't use it. I just ran a speed test on my computer twice: 1st...


Try deleting some useless stuff. Download malware just incase u got a virus.

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How to increase internet speed if you hva e slow internet connection?

my internet speed is very low so i want to increase my download and upload speed please give many tips to increase it


going to a faster browser will make some apparent difference when web pages download, however, if your...

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How to increase internet download speed?

Hello, I have a problem with downloading. My internet speed is 512Kbs. but when i download programs or music; it transfer rate only 2 or 3kbs per second. I feel it is suck. I used to complain the company, but they said if i want to download more fast...


i'm sorry but there is no other way my friend. your country would have to change their policy on services...

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I have prob with my internet speed..because my friend is using to increase speed for my laptop?

my friend is using bittorrent with greedy torrent..we r using same internet i told him to stop dowloading from torrent bcoz i can not open site also..internet is very slow..but he is not closing there is software tht i can block his torrent from...


You May UnPlug The Wire That Is Connected To His Computer, That's The Only Source, & If AnyOne Say...

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Increase internet speed! New modem or Router?

Ok so I have wireless high speed internet service through centurylink. I have a basic actiontec pk 5000 wireless router bought from bestbuy. Our internet is the cheapest package, an advertised 7Mbps speed. It's never been very fast but lately (without...


If you're serious about the Online, possibilities are you invest anywhere from $30 to $99 monthly for...

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Increase internet speed?

I need to increase my wireless internet speed. Which of the following will affect the speed? 1) Modem 2) Router 3) Network card 4) Wireless antenna Which affects the speed the most? (Note: my signal strength is usually "very good") Which should...


can u tell us what exactly is your internet speed ( ) so that we might come...

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