How To Instal Software On Samsung Galaxy Mini?

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Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570EGAXEU) | Support | SAMSUNG UK

Samsung Galaxy Apps; Theme Service; ... Useful Software Samsung Kies ... Click this banner and install the viewer. Download Djvu Viewer Go.

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How can i connect my samsung galaxy mini with pc for internet connect....?plz recommend me a software?

samsung galaxy mini also known as galaxy pop gt s-5570.......i want to suffer internet on pc by connecting my mobile data to pc


First make sure the pc suite (kies) is installed as it has all drivers. Now connect your mobile to pc...

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Samsung Galaxy Mini not compatible with Kies on Mac? Help!?

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Mini (S5570), and am delighted with it, except that, having downloaded Kies for my Mac and connected the phone, a message appears saying something like 'this device is not supported'. What's going on? It's a brand new Samsung...


Why don't you go to the Samsung user group website and ask there. NOT here on Yahoo Answers, You should...

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Install 'em for the phone.... Good luck!

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Why I can't connect to wi-fi with my samsung galaxy s3 mini?

I create a hotspot with my wifi router software on windows xp laptop.But why my samsung galaxy s3 mini couldn't connect to wifi,while it works fine for my brother's iphone?


Windows XP has been abondoned by Microsoft, and does not receive any new updates or features. A newer...

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Connecting a samsung galaxy to pc?

I have a samsung galaxy mini, and i want to put music & photos from the computer onto my phone.. When i got the phone it came wth 2 discs to install on the computer and once i did that, it worked.. but now i'm at my boyfriends house and i dont have...


When you plug it in there should be a thought bubble in the lower right try clicking on that if that...

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Cannot install any software on samsung s5570?

I havenot been able install any software in my samsung galaxy mini s5570


one thing you can try is to hard reset it but the data on phone's internal memory will be LOST. Turn...

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Samsung galaxy nexus vs Samsung galaxy sIII mini vs Samsung galaxy sII...Which one to choose?

The galaxy nexus is my favourite,but those other two phones get me entangled...


leave out s3 mini id recommend you to consider s2 or nexus if you want a large 4.65inch HD display,first...

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What is so great about Samsung Galaxy S4 is s4 mini the same?

I bought a galaxy s4 mini thinking is was a galaxy s4. Whats the difference between galaxy s4 and samsung s4 mini. And is it worth buying galaxy s4 mini or should I have got an more


Hello, my name is Adam, if you're looking what phone is better for your budget between the S4 and the...

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Gadgets & Technologies: Which will you choose Samsung Galaxy Ace or iPad mini?

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST BEFORE CHOOSING! Imagine you have a Samsung Galaxy Pocket, and you were to choose (if you'd already chosen, someone would buy it for you): Samsung Galaxy Ace or iPad mini? What are the benefits if I choose Samsung Galaxy Ace? And...


Is this the one you are talking about? Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 compared with Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi...

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