How To Instal Themes On Galaxy S2?

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How To Get Galaxy S5 Theme On Galaxy S2 - NaldoTech

Download and install Samsung Galaxy S5 theme on your Samsung Galaxy S2. The GS2 is often considered as the best smart phone ever made by Samsung.

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Try downloading Go Laucher EX, Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher, 360 Launcher, or HeLaucher. Most of these...

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I bought a Galaxy S2 like 3 months ago...?

I bought a Galaxy S2 like 3 months ago but my cellphone doesnt look like the galaxy s2 everyone has (like the pics on google if you type galaxy s2) mine doesnt have a button at the middle it has like 4 touch buttons (one for home, the other one to go...


Open your battery cover to see your phones model.. If yours takes 2 sim cards you have perchused a replica...

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Samsung galaxy S2 android upgrade to ICS in India?

Hello all, I am looking for android smartphone and I have budget of 25-30 000 rs. The handset I liked most is Samsung galaxy s2. However with S3 around d corner, to be available in d market soon, some won’t think its a good option but I am looking...


The galaxy 2 is an excellent phone the upgrade was due a while ago but they found a glitch they are...

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Best pay-as-you-go cell phone plan for a few days in the USA w. a Canadian Samsung Galaxy S2

Is there a prepaid phone plan in the US that will let me use my Samsung Galaxy S2 at full speeds, for short visits (ie: without having to pay for a full month of use)? I live in Canada, and have a carrier-unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2. I periodically go...


T-Mobile's 3G is on a nonstandard frequency, which is why your non-T-Mobile-specific phone only get...

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IPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2?

Right now I have the Samsung Galaxy/Epic for Sprint. I am going to upgrade soon, and I am either going to get the iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S3. I was originally thinking of the Galaxy S2 or iPhone, but I heard the S3 is coming out in May, so now it...


Dude u shoud dead on go for the s3 ma... itz freakin 1000x better than the s2 but uve gotta spend $...

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Should I get Samsung's Galaxy Note or Galaxy S2?

i'm looking for a phone I can use for taking notes. Handwriting Style. I have my eye on The Galaxy Note which looks like its perfect for the job. But I'm currently using Tmobile which doesnt distribute the Galaxy Note. But they do distribute the Galaxy...


Samsung galaxy note.... and i want to share one awesome app for your android note,Incredible India is...

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Samsung Galaxy S2 or Skyrocket?

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S2 from T-mobile in white. I'm looking online for cases but I'm getting really confused. Is the white samsung galaxy s2 different from the galaxy s2 skyrocket or are they the same? when i look up galaxy s2 skyrocket with...


Yes, the white (well, normal) Galaxy S II is different to the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. For example, the...

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Will the Galaxy s2 work with t-mobile.?

I have been doing a little research about the Galaxy s2 and I hear the t-mobile processor is different the the one at&t uses. And the only version of it that works with t-mobile is the galaxy s2 t989, even if it's unlocked. Has anyone used an unlocked...


Yes why is this n comics

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Samsung galaxy s2 different to samsung galaxy s2 i900?

is the samsung galaxy s2 and the Samsung galaxy s2 i900 two different phones and if so whats the difference?


I think what you wanted to compare was Galaxy S II (i777) and Galaxy S II (i9100) There aren't much...

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