How To Install Application On Samsung Galaxy?

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How to Install Applications on a Samsung Galaxy S | eHow

Install Apps from Phone. Tap the Play Store icon on your Galaxy home screen. Select the app you want to install on your phone. You can find apps using the search box ...

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Samsung Galaxy Mini "Application Not Installed" problem. HELP!!?

My Samsung galaxy mini isn't installing any apps or games. If i download games from the play store, then it says "cannot install in usb storage/ sd card". I had this problem before, but then only the sd card was faulty. this time the sd card...


I want to share some awesome android apps with you... i personally use these apps and i am definitely...

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Why won't minecraft pocket edition work on Samsung galaxy young?

Ok, so I've got minecraft pocket edition on my Samsung galaxy s2 and my gf wants it on her Samsung galaxy young s5360 but its not available in the market for some odd reason, my s2 has Android version 2.3.5 and her young is 2.3.6 so I don't understand...


This could be because that kind of Minecraft is not compatible with the mobile... Good luck!

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Browser apps on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 installed but missing from list

This is the dumbest thing and I can't believe I'm wasting a question on this. Help me get a browser shortcut on my Note 3. Veteran Android user, but I'm no developer. I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 last night, and I set it up using Samsung Smart Switch...


This might not be it at all - any chance its hidden in one of the folders Samsung sets up by default...

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Samsung Galaxy Problems!!?

So, if anyone has a samsung galaxy ace or anything else please help me out here! I have a 8gb memory card. I install applications and it says it will write the application to the sd card. A few minutes later it says internal memory full! Or sometimesit...


I think that this phone may be like the galaxy w, that I have although not sure. It accepts an external...

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Is it possible to install third party software in samsing galaxy s2?

Can I install and use application like mobile VoIP. action VoIP, VoIP discount etc in Samsung galaxy s2?


of course! it has full access to the Google Play Store, and there are tons of 3rd party VoIP apps on...

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Can anyone tell me how to install the Google Search by Voice app on my samsung galaxy s?

Hello, as the question says I'm having trouble figuring out how to install the Google Search by Voice app on my Samsung Galaxy s. I've tried downloading it from the google mobile page but i cannot find it. I've seen a video review of the Samsung Galaxy...


It should already be built into the Android OS, there is no need to download it... I am assuming it...

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Unable to install apps on Samsung Galaxy 3?

I have recently bought a samsung galaxy 3 and I'm unable to install apps via downloaded software on my pc. I used the kies pc suite for samsung and the error I get is the file is not recognized. The file extensions are .apk which should ideally work...


U haven't mentioned, which app u r willing to install through Kies. However, there are 3 possible reasons...

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How do I RE-INSTALL an application on my Samsung Captivate (AT&T)?

Okay, so I deleted an application on my Samsung Captivate, and I realized i didnt want to delete it, so I tried to look in the application market to reinstall, but it wasnt there. Can somebody here please explain either what happen or the process necessary...


once you deleted the app, you can't get it back, see if you can find the app using google search.

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Is your SD card full?

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