How To Know Address From Landline Number For Free?

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I have a landline number and i want to know the address of where this landline is. How can i do this?

i have a telephone number, and a location but no actual address :( is there any site i can go on to find the address? many thanks in advance :D


# with ........ is still the best!!! # it even gives you the

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I want to know this landline number address, Just looking Company name and Location, this is Bangalore number.?

Hi, Pls help me to find the location and Address of following Landline number. This is a Bangalore number, number is 080-42643097


It is not available. Please contact Airtel.(service providers)

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Go to reverse search.

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I know a few places but they will only work if it's a phone book or public domain. If it's not, then...

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Is there any websites of number that i can call & get a persons name & address with the phone number i have?

i have the phone number and i know it is a LandLine from ameritech. i just need the name & address, there use 2 b a number u could call & it would give it 2 u but they took it off. can someone please help. a site that is free where u dont have...


yes, with!!

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Need help finding UK landline number :-)?

I need my friend's, who may have done something stupid, landline number. I know the address, but their phone number isn't listed in the BT online phone book.. and I've attempted using but they're now asking me to buy credits - no thank you. Any...


you cant, its against data protection laws

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How i can find someone address through telephone number in UK?

hi i am from UK and i wanna know that how i can find someone address through telephone(landline) number if anyone know about this then plz let me know,i realy want it thanx


you cant do this, its a breech of security and no one can or will tell you.

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How can I trace an address to a phone number in the UK?

I have someones landline and mobile number but don't know who it is that keeps calling, they don't answer when I call back. How can I trace the address or name of the person?


You can't!! All you can do is phone BT and have their numbers blocked if it bothers you so much. My...

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To all Labuan, Maysia residents: Im really desperate to know the address and landline number of Blue Wave Lounge located in Labuan, Malaysia.. Please. Please help me.. i have looked it in the yellow pages online but i cant find it! PLEASE HELP!


That is because Bluewave is not located in Labuan...however if you need a hotel in Labuan here is 1...

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