How To Know Present Mobile Location?

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how can i get location without internet in android i wnat to know location only using GPs

i want toget location using GPS only. i dnt want to use internet and GPRS in this application. so tell me how can i get location using only GPS provider. my code is belo. tell me where m wrong in this. code. package com.getlocation; import; import android.content.Context; import android.location.Criteria; import android.location.Location; import android.location.LocationListener; import android.location.LocationManager; import android.os.Bundle; import android.util.Log; import...


Use this for only GPS Provider, it does not need GPRS. locationManager.requestLocationUpdates(LocationManager...

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How can I get the ip of a mobile device .. to know the location ?

i have messages that were sent by a mobile device i tried 2 get the ip using outlook .. but it seems that it's not the ip of the mobile .. so .. is it possible to know .. where was the message sent from ??


Not exactly, but approximately, it is because ip address(static) never tie with location on the globe...

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Dear friends, is it possible to know the location of someone by mobile no using internet, how?

i wish to locate someone by his mobile no, is it possible. if yes, how? can i find out where he is if i have his mobile no using internet? please help me... thanks a lot.....


I think so its impossible.....its just a fiction as shown in the film DIE HARD 4...

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There is no tracking application to download to your device using boost mobile phones. GPS does work...

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For tracking your Mobile you need to have GPS. You can Use google latitude also.

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I want to find the current location of mobile phone

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its called triangulation it beams your cell signal up to the nearest satellite via radio waves and a...

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How do i get my ipod touch to know my location?

ive just downloaded a new application for my ipod touch, it asks: app would like to use your current location, i click ok, it searches for about a minute... then it says: Location Error: could not access location. Location is required i am connected...


If your Wireless Router is not in the Skyhook database, your iPod Touch will not be able to find you...

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