How To Play Fifa 12 Online Free On Pc?

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How do you play FIFA 12 online with the PC version?

I am new to online gaming and want to play the PC version of FIFA 12 online. What is the procedure for doing so?


You need an original key and a stable connection.

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Can i play fifa 12 online against my friend who's playing on PS3 while im playing on PC?

i have an id on origin and my friend just activated his online on fifa do i add him as a friend...he doesnt have origin



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How to play the fifa 12 demo - pc?

Right, so i downloaded the fifa 12 demo for the computer, it downloaded then went into a file. Now, how do i play it? Thanks


I dont know how to play it either , I downloaded it and the Fifa Pc app wont work for me stupid thing...

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Is it possible in ANY WAY to play fifa 12 PC to Xbox...?

I have Fifa 12 PC and My cousins have xbox and ps3 and i was just asking if its possible to play fifa 12 with them. If they make an origin account and connect it with their console will it be possible to play???


NO! Solution: buy a PS3 and a Xbox 360 on

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Im afraid not. I think you HAVE to have the same gaming system to play w/ friends. For example you cant...

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In FIFA 12 Can you play against people on other consoles (for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3)?

I know you wouldn't on the other versions, because they are very different...However... If I get the PC version, will I be able to play against people who have the equivalent more


PC games and Xbox are very close to being able to play against each other as thy use similar server...

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Can't play on FIFA 12 pc?

I get online and i search for opponents, but none come out. I see that my firewall is moderate. Can someone help because i am pissed off!!!!


Its more than likely your router. Moderate NAT always gives that problem. You have to open the NAT for...

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Am using a ps2 controller to play fifa 12 on my pc but the right analog stick won't work? How can i change it?

cannot do any tricks or fast dribble. what is the best controller settings for this game.


go to youtube and search for a video called (FIX) Fifa 12 Right analog stick problem

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Which game should I buy?(Red Dead Redemption, Fifa 12, Fifa Street, maybe Prototype 2)?

So I really want to buy a new game for my xbox. It would be Fifa 12, or Red Dead Redemption, or Fifa Street. I like both sports and action games, the genre doesn't matter. I heard that Fifa Street is a bit boring, and it's more for the casual gamers...


Get Red Dead Redemption. Its fantastic an open world western with one of the best dlc packs of all time...

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Fifa 12 PC - XBOX 360 controller for Windows?

I am asking because I've heard that the XBOX 360 controller for Windows PC doesn't let you press two buttons at once and you obviously need to do this on a game like Fifa 12. I am tempted to buy Fifa 12 for my PC but I don't want to buy the controller...


Its not too difficult. But you should use a controller. The two buttons thing you mentioned is a lie...

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