How To Play Online Video On Nokia 5233?

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A video player that can play multiple formats on nokia 5233..?

so is there any video player that can play video formats like .avi, .mpg, .wmv etc on the nokia 5233...?? Plzzz name the app or the link... Thnxxx....


i m giving you that link but first you promis me you wil vote my answer as best answer. Promis me here...

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Videos in Nokia 5233?

Hi,I recently bought Nokia 5233.I am able to play only flv,3gpp videos in my Mobile.So I m coverting different video formats to flv and playing in my Mobile.But i Lost the clarity of video.Some checks coming in video.What should i do to get video quality...


actually, for NOKIA 5233 , I think you should use mp4 format or 3gp converter, FLV is convenient for...

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Which Video Player should I use to play MP4 Video File ?

I have bought Nokia 5233 and I don't know which video player can play its recorded video files. Its video recording format is MP4. And in Video Quality option I have selected 'TV high Quality' option. Please suggest me a video Player and the site from...


VLC and Real player Latest version play almost all format videos.. so just go for it..

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How can I play Flash video (.flv) files in Nokia 6233 Cell phone? Is it possible to play .flv files in 6233?

Can anyone pls tell me, Is it possible to play .flv video files in Nokia 6233...?? Please help me friends.. FLV files are those video files that we can download from sites like, I have a big collection of youtube flash videos.. how can...


You can convert the video into mp4 or 3gp for your cellphone. Here is a guide.

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I just bought the new Nokia N8 N8-00 , but the video playback when i play any youtube video is very poor?

im just wondering why nokia is limiting the video playback to 320x240 when playing youtube? is there any fix for that? isn't it suppose to be the best multimedia phone for nokia until now? this should be a basic fueature. note: i allready downloaded...


Your screen is: 360 x 640 px Of course, video resolution is sometime based on speed, and if your device...

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This could be the device problem... I would recommend you to report this issue to the mechanical service...

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Can you play YouTube video on your AT&T Nokia N95 phone in wifi mode?

I currently have the HTC touch phone. But I cannot play youTube videos on it in wifi mode. I am thinking of getting the Nokia N95 for AT&T. But I want to make sure it can play youtube videos in wifi mode before buying it. Or is there any other Nokia...


Yes you can.

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Please help: With which player on my pc do i play video clips which i have taken on my nokia 3220 mobile phone

I do not know which media player i need to play video clips which i have taken on my nokia 3220 phone. When i transfer the video clips to my pc via a data cable windows media player does not recognise the file.When i click on web help, still there is...


Those video files would be in 3gp format,, find any 3gp player. one of the good ones is real player...

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For Nokia 6600 mobile need software for freefor continuous audio/video recording & play MP3 music.?

want to download for free, continuous audio & video recording , MP3 music playing and microsoft word reading software in my mobile Nokia 6600. Help me to get it at the earliest. more


please visit then register to their site for free. go to their forum section...

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you may have to install flash player onto your mobile... if that is not possible then.... this can help...

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