How To Run A Command In Ubuntu?

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How to run a command automatically in Linux Ubuntu?

Hi, i recently installed Linux Ubuntu, and its great, but i have a small problem. Every time i start up my laptop, the backlight does not come on automatically. To get it to come on, i have to "blindly" log in to my account, and then press Ctrl + Alt + T, and then type in this command in the terminal - sudo setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=00 after i type that in, i have to type in my password. then at last the backlight comes on, and i can see. Is there any way i can get this command to run automatically...


You need to add your line to the rc.local startup script: cd /etc #changes directory to /etc where you...

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Mac + iPhone or Ubuntu + Android?

Shoud I get a Mac + iPhone or Ubuntu + Android? I need to change my laptop and phone. Work's paying for the laptop, I'm paying for the phone. I need to figure out whether to get a Mac + iPhone or Ubuntu + Android. I'm run a web development studio, and...


It's quite easy to set up a MacBook to boot into Windows 7, Ubuntu and OS X - and you can, of course...

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Can't install Ubuntu 8.10 on my Aspire?

Here are some quick specs to start: Aspire 5740DG-5217 - 4 GB ram - 500 GB Harddrive - Intel Core i3 Problem: I've done a clean install of windows 7 pro and just resized the partitions to have around 300Gb for win 7 there are 3 partions in the drive...


you did what i was going to suggest :)

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Unix: How exactly does the time command work? And why a program could fail (only) when launched with it?

I am launching a benchmark (DaCapo java benchmarks) with the time command prepended on a Unix platform (Ubuntu). The same command does not fail when launched without a time command but it randomly fails (80% of the times) when time is invoked. Parameters...


Short answer:  read the source code to find out. Index of /debian/pool/main/t/time Or, maybe strace...

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Boot Ubuntu from a USB flash drive?

Ok, Ive been messing with this thing for hours now and Im about to lost my patience. I am trying to install Ubuntu on my computer along side windows. I actually already installed it at this point but it WILL NOT boot from my USB flash drive. Im using...


Go to the download section of the ubuntu website. Scroll down till you see instructions to mount it...

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What happens after you run the shred command?

I'm selling a hard drive from a laptop on eBay. To wipe the data, I am running the shred command. This hard drive was using Ubuntu. What exactly happens after you run the shred command? Is it ready to have a new OS put on it, or is Ubuntu still on it...


Shred stores patterns of ones and zero in all the bytes, over and over. It uses a sequence of different...

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Pen Drive Linux (Ubuntu) Won't Boot on Company Laptop?

This is probably the wrong area to ask this, but seeing as I don't have an Ubuntu account yet... My dilemma is Ubuntu related if you hadn't guessed that at all, and I have it set up on my thumb drive. I have no problem running it though. I can run the...


Since you do not mention seeing any error code if you type startx in the terminal you should either...

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ATI graphics card in Ubuntu?

Hi, I just finished building a computer from spare parts and I'm now running the latest version of Ubuntu on it. I am really new with Ubuntu, so I have no idea how anything works yet. However, I am super disappointed with the video playback performance...


Unfortunately, AMD's Linux drivers are even worse than their Windows drivers. The open-source drivers...

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The equivalent of copy prn in ubuntu

I currently use an xp computer with the command window (run--> command) to send a file over the parallel port with the "copy prn" command.I haven't been able to figure out how to do this under ubuntu, but need to switch over to using an...


In Unix, everything is a file. Your parallel printer port should be available as a "file"...

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Is installing Plex on Ubuntu with an external hard drive really hard?

I'm medium-capable with computer stuff; not afraid of a command line, but not a lot more sophisticated than mkdir and mv commands. I've got an ECS LIVA box that I'd like to try putting a Plex server on. I've installed Ubuntu 14.04, and connected it to...


Plex is really easy to install and setup, and there are plenty of guides to help. As for the external...

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