How can I activate yahoo mail free with windows mail?

Let’s learn how can I activate yahoo mail free with windows mail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to activate yahoo mail on windows mail.?

incoming e-mail sever it 1,pop3 2,imap 3,http incoming mail(pop3 or imap) sever: outgoing email sever (smtp) does outgoing sever require authentication



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Unable to alter the default Font, and Size in Yahoo Compose Mail?

To re-cap : When I go to the Yahoo Mail Compose window, between the message box and the "Attach Files/Insert Photos/New! Insert photos right from....../ boxes, I have a complete tool-bar with colored Icons all of which seem to work correctly except...


Go to bottom right. Where it says 100%. If its not set to 100%, set it.

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Where do I find the server information from Yahoo mail?

Does anyone know the server information for Yahoo mail? I am trying to activate an email account using Windows Mail, but at the end of the 'installation' a window pops up titled 'Logon to (1)' and states 'Please verify that both the...


go to my account but i dont no sorry just a guess of wherre i think it would be

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I can't access my emails at my yahoo account from windows mail. HELP!!!?

I don't have microsoft outlook but windows vista comes with "windows mail." It comes with the automated email option and I need that for a website venture I have gotten myself into. I typed for incoming mail server: and smtp...


At this time Yahoo is still having some problems at the moment. If you look you will find lots of people...

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Yahoo mail and windows mail for vista?

hello can any 1 help me i wont windows mail go thru yahoo mail iv set it up by doing this From the Tools menu, choose "Accounts." Select the "Mail" tab. Click the "Add" button. From the Add menu, click "Mail."...


For yahoo mail you need upgrade to yahoo mail plus to get the full pop3 service for access to outlook...

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Windows Live Mail and Yahoo Mail Plus- invalid password?

I've been having this issue for the past couple days. I have been trying to access my yahoo mail via windows live mail, even upgrading to yahoo plus mail to use the pop3. I've used both servers suggested in Yahoo help. (, pop.mail...


Try setting up without using "plus" as part of the server names.

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Why does Yahoo! Mail work on my iPod, but not Windows Live Mail?

Hi, I decided today that I wanted my Yahoo! Mail account on my iPod Touch's Mail app for easy access. On iOS 4.3, when it asks what type of account you want to set up, I tapped "Yahoo!", entered my info, and it set the account up for me. Sending...


Because live IS an email service. Different server.

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Saving "sent" messages on POP yahoo mail plus server & windows mail?

I have Yahoo Mail Plus and POP my emails to my windows mail on my computer. I have selected the option to save a copy of sent messages in my sent folder. This email address is used for a business and is shared by two people. When I email someone from...


To download the "Sent" messages folder, you need an IMAP set-up rather than POP3. The Yahoo...

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Cannot send mail with Yahoo through Windows Mail?

I have a account and use Windows Mail to send/receive mail. For a few weeks now, I have been able to receive mail okay, but not send. When I attempt to send an email I receive the error message: Subject 'test', Account: '


use the another service of internet i had same problem like u but after 3 days i found out it was the...

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Adding Yahoo Mail to Windows Live Mail?

I want to add my Yahoo Mail Account to Windows Live Mail, so I have all my emails in 1 place. I keep getting an Error for Yahoo when I try to Sync the Account from Windows Live Mail. Error: Unable to send or receive messages for the Yahoo (Terry_L_Freeman...


After reading all the posts on this subject (which happened to me also, yesterday) and trying many changes...

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